Sunday, November 11, 2018

Yopping Update #19 - More secret wips

There has been knitting this week on the mystery present - and I would guess I will finish it sometime in the coming week.  I have wound yarn to make two more zodiac double-knit pot-holders also for Christmas presents. 

I bought another suitcase on Thursday so it is laid out in the spare room and I have started to fill it with things I am taking on our trip.  The duffel bag is already filled with goodies for my daughter and the baby.  So much knitting! 

There is so much I want to bring her that I am afraid there will be little room for clothes for my dh and me.  Oh well.  There are stores in Croatia.  Right?

We have continued on our cleaning spree and last Wednesday we booked to have our kitchen and bathroom floors recovered.  The upstairs cupboards and drawers are all sorted and now we are tackling the dreaded basement.  There has already been two trips to the recycling depot and one trip to the dump not to mention donating items to the urban refurbish store and I have another big box ready for goodwill.  I also pulled up the ratty carpet on the basement stairs. Whew!  After thirty-six years in the same house there is a LOT to clear away. 

It will be wonderful to come home in January from our seven weeks away to a clean and de-cluttered house.

This coming Wednesday I start a five day teaching stint - teaching teachers-to-be.  I am looking forward to the teaching, but it does mean I have some serious prep to get to in the next two days! 

I have been journaling my 31 days of Self Love, but as yet it has just been between me and my hard copy journal.  I just don't feel ready at this time to put it out into the blog-o-sphere. I am using my favourite journal by Philip Simmons called "Learning to Fall".  It has so many inspiring thoughts.  Today's question: "Where do you need to slow down and take your time.?"  Oh my - in SO many areas. 

The highlight of my week had to have been the tea party I had with my honourary grand-daughters and their mom.  I had given them a tea set that had been my daughter's when she was younger. 

We made cookies and then had proper tea like proper little ladies!

That night I spent on their couch and the two girls decided to sleep on the floor beside me.  A delightful sleepover to be certain. 

Okay, now I really have to go do some prep.  I have fifteen hours of teaching ahead of me between Wednesday and Sunday.  Eek.  Wish me luck. 

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Sunday, November 4, 2018

Yopping Update #18 - Lotsa Progress, No Pics

The Houlland is finished, but not blocked so pictures will come sometime in the future. 

The present that shall not be named or seen here until after Christmas is coming along very well and I would say at this point is about 40 percent complete.

Mostly this past week (besides working away for two days) I have been cleaning out cupboards and re-lining shelves and I am impressed with myself for doing it and the finished product.  I am on the last (and hardest) cupboard but will finish it on Wednesday when I get home. 

I have decided that I will not be turning the three baby doll fleeces I have into usable fibre, and the three bags just sit there in my closet and mock me - so they are being given away. I have kept enough to make a fairisle toque.

We took three bags of clothes to goodwill today, and five items to the re-furbish/re-use-it store.  Earlier this week we took a big old printer to the recycling center as well as two boxes of used and partial paint cans.  As I cleaned cupboards I put things I never use and never want to use in boxes and they went to goodwill as well.  I have a few trinkets for my honourary grand-daughters that I will give them tomorrow. 

Ah, it feels good to de-clutter. 

And, the kitchen is so tidy I even feel like cooking which is usually my dh's job. 

So now I have time to blog, and knit, and adjust to the time change that happened this weekend.  Ugh. It is so dark out now at only 5pm! 

I student of mine has come up with a journaling journey and has given 31 topics that revolve around the idea of '31 Days of Self Love'. 

There are 31 days before I go to see my daughter so it seemed like destiny is asking me to do some  writing (and not just fretting about what to pack, and are all my ducks in a row for the seven week trip).

Stay tuned - some of the writing may just end up posted here on my blog. 

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Well, maybe just one pic:

This was our Hallowe'en door ready for the 30+ trick or treaters that visited us last Wednesday.