Sunday, October 13, 2019

Yopping Update #15 - On the road again

Saturday Evening:

I am in our hotel about to go to bed after a L O N G day which started at 5:15am.  Alarm went off, shower and then we got the last few bags into the camper, grabbed a quick cup of coffee, ensured the cat was in, and by 6:30am we pulled out of the driveway.  

I was a little anxious about making the ferry, because I had hoped for 6:15 departure, but we got to the ferry on time and were boarded and on our way by 8am.

After a ferry breakfast (and more coffee) we settled in for the ride.  Both my guys napped and I spent the time joining a writers group.  Hopefully it will help me get on with publishing my novel.

Then off the ferry at 9:30 and drove into the city where my son's race is tomorrow.  A couple of stops along the way to get a national parks pass needed for our camping trip and for my son to pick up his race package.

We were at the Provincial museum by 11 am and even scored a deluxe parking space (well I thought I had....more about that later.)

We spent 3 hours at the museum which had a wonderful display about the Mayan peoples and another about the indigenous peoples of our province.  It focused on the reclaiming of their languages, but there were amazing masks too,  and in one room there was over a dozen inspiring totem poles. 

By 3pm we were all very tired and it was time to check into our hotel.

Oh look.  A ticket on our truck!   ARGGGGG.  I had misread the time on the ticket and it was only good for two hours.   55 dollars later.   DRAT!!

A nap at the hotel and then a long swim (I was the only one in the pool for 45 minutes), followed by sushi dinner put it all in perspective.  It had been a good parking spot with very little walking which was good for both my husband's knees and my hip!

So now to bed - up early for the race to cheer our boy on. 

Oh, and on the knitting front?  I have started the border on my shawl, but it is left at home as we head out camping after the race.  I did bring along my sloth toy to knit so perhaps I will have something to show next week.

Sunday 10:45 am:

He did it!  And so did we.  What we did was found our way (in our big truck and camper) to the 13km point where he had to pass heading back to the finish line.   It was so great to see his smiling face running by us.

He finished in record time taking 2 minutes off his August time and this race had a lot more hills.

We got parked relatively close to the finish line and he found us and now we are heading for a well deserved breakfast before continuing on our camping journey.  It is a beautiful day.  Sunny with lovely small fluffy clouds.   Perfect weather for wearing my fisherwoman's sweater which I have had on non stop since yesterday morning!

Happy Thanksgiving from Canada.  My blogging family is something I am very thankful for.

Sunday, October 6, 2019

Yopping Update #14 - The sweater is MINE!


It is done.  And it is mine, all mine.   We have booked our camping trip for the wild, wet, west coast starting next weekend, so I am ready. 

I have enough yarn left over to make a toque to match so I will start that this week. 

Otherwise I have been working on my Knit Slip Love shawl and I am on the final mosaic section before the final garter section and then the border. Who knows?  It may be done by next update. 

My son is here!  We have been playing word games and card games, as well as going to the gym/pool.  My arm is so much better, but now my right hip is causing me a lot of pain. Grrrrr - it is always something. 

I had my third Tai Chi class last Friday and I am really enjoying it. It is a small class, only five of us, so the instructor can help when I get my left and right mixed up (which is often). 

The weather has been hard to predict as we get the camper ready for our trip. Sunny, rainy, then sunny then rainy.  Oh well, I have new rain boots so it is all good. 

I didn't go to Knit City this year.  I didn't need anything, and would only be tempted to buy wool I don't need (besides I had that retail therapy from Winners a few weeks ago I have yet to start knitting with).  Also my hip is so sore I couldn't image walking up and down all the aisles to admire everything so I gave it a pass this year. 

My anxiety is a bit higher than usual with the upcoming trip.  It is par for the course.  Once I am on the road I am fine, but the prep can make me a wee bit crazier than normal. 

I am off for a swim now.  That usually sets things to right for a few hours at least. 

I may be late with an update next week depending on my wifi signal at the campsite.  I am looking forward to campfires and windy/rainy walks on the beach.  That is after we cheer on my son in his half marathon race next Sunday. 

Wishing you all a good, peaceful week.  Hug those your love and smile at strangers you meet.  In the end all we have is each other.

my little Croatian sunflower - 9 months old

When I left my physio on Monday I saw this:

Oops - and I thought I was having a bad day

This is the cruise ship called the Norwegian Bliss - I think it is the largest cruise ship that comes into our harbour.  It can only leave at low tide to get under the bridge, and somebody screwed up because it missed the low tide the night before and had to spend the day by our little park until the next low tide.  That tiny boat to the left of the cruise ship is our seabus that carries 400 passengers from the north shore to downtown Vancouver - just to give you an indication of the cruiseship's size!