Tuesday, November 8, 2022

Yopping along - Update #19 - All about the stitch markers

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My crafting week has revolved around starting my second testknit sock - so no pictures, and re-knitting the BirdSong Chart - next week I'll post pictures of that. 

I did knit a dress for Fancy  - my own design even.

doesn't she look fetching
We had two stormy days here - lots of wind and rain so swimming was put on hold as there were thunderstorm warnings and I felt it was too risky to be out there bobbing in the sea.

Of course what do we do on rainy stormy days - well Grama buys some dominoes of course. I am impressed with how quickly she learned to match the dots and she has won more times than not against me.  Smart Cookie this one. 

she loves setting them up and knocking them down too

I did finally get into the sea the past two days.  The water temperature is dropping, and even though not as cold as when I left BC, it feels cold and I stay in for about 15-20 minutes.  Very invigorating I must say!
It is hard to believe I have been here over a month now, and likely will be here at least until the new year, and  maybe, if I can get my visa extended. even longer. It is such a gift to spend so much one on one time with  my daughter and granddaughter.  My dh will be joining us soon.  He contracted CoVid as soon as I left and is mostly recovered except for a nagging cough.  He is over the fatigue though and getting things done readying the house and cat before he flies to us. 

Believe it or not, I didn't bring enough stitch markers with me for my knitting projects, and so I simply HAD to go buy some more.  I found a package for the equivalent of three canadian dollars.  Guess how many?  
ONE HUNDRED AND TWENTY! Not only are they useful for my knitting and crochetting but my gd finds lots of ways to play with them, not the least of which is making bracelets and necklaces.  I have always believed one can NEVER have enough stitch markers, and proof they also make great entertainment for almost four year olds is reason enough to keep buying them. I wrote about my addiction to stitch markers a number of years ago.   Houston we do, in fact, have a problem.  It has only gotten worse. 

My granddaughter turned a blanket I had knit for her Peppa Pig stuffie into another dress for Fancy.  And yes, it is held together with three stitch markers.  You see, they have a multitude of uses!

We watched the sunset last night as we did some chalk drawings on the seawalk.  And then we had a lovely dinner on the patio watching the sky in all its glory.  

My swimming place

The hills behind us remind me of the interior of BC.   

Nestled between the mountains and the sea I feel very safe. 

So that has been my week. Halloween seems so far away I almost forgot to post our pumpkin.  Designed by my gd and carved by my daughter.  Very s p o o k y!

Now I am being asked to play dollies. 
Have a good week all.  The sun is glorious today and I am sure we will be heading out to the playground soon as well.  

Sunday, October 30, 2022

Year of Projects Update - #18 - Dressing Peppa Pig's family

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Okay I think I am back on track now - and with the ten hour time difference from home I might even get this posted while it is still Sunday.  Let's go:

I did frog the Birdsong back to Row 3  It took a while, but I am happy I did it  I have knit two rows since then and I am working hard to make sure my fairisle is not too tight and lumpy. I am using my long dpns, instead of a circular needle now, but I forgot to pack my knitting belt - so necessity being the mother of invention I crocheted one out of some handspun I had and stuffed the little egg with some polyfiber I had on hand. 

It works quite well!

I have almost finished the first sock on the testknit.  I have to say I love the way the sock looks, but it is not an enjoyable knit.  It is a 10 stitch repeat, but the stitch marker has to be moved every eight rows - but I am almost at the toe decreases so I will keep going. I should have it off the needles by bedtime tonight. 

This week I have three finishes  and here they are modelled by their receipients!

Wendy Wolf's Cloak for riding her broom 

Momma Pig's Shawl

Poppa Pig's Cabled Scarf

I was excited to win a prize in the Imagined Landscape group for my Gnomes.  I have ordered two mini skeins (for future gnomes) and a wooden tool for measuring the weight of the yarn I have spun.  When I get back from overseas they should be waiting for me.  I do love winning things!

It is almost Halloween and today my gd and I will be carving a pumpkin and roasting the seeds.  We got her costume yesterday which she hasn't taken off since (except for reluctantly wearing pjs to bed).

My daughter aned I found the wings, crown, jewelery and wand in one store, and while shopping for some socks and pants in another store, my gd walked up to be holding the dress.  It was perfect!!  A wee fairy princess will be trick n treating tomorrow evening for certain! 

Happy Halloween to all tomorrow, and in a week North America will catch up to the time change that Europe started this morning.  Not sure why we don't all do it at the same time, but for a week we will be out of sync, and then all we be back to normal.  Funny world.