Sunday, April 23, 2017

Yopping 43 - EZ as Pi

The sweater is done. I need to block and weave in ends and put on buttons but as it is it is finished and all my worsted stash is used up. I did lose at yarn chicken while I was binding off, but luckily I had a close enough match in my basket of odds and ends left over from my sock yarn blanket.

I want to make the sleeves longer, but I need to wait until I get some more yarn.

I trusted the pattern and it is going to fit beautifully. Good old Elizabeth Zimmerman.

She must have been a math genius to figure out that this:

with one quick fold turns into this:

which is why the reference to Pi in the title.

I am now diligently working on my double knit - pictures next week.

Happy yopping.

Sunday, April 16, 2017

Yop Update 42 - EZ! Not!

This week has been all about the Elizabeth Zimmerman sweater. I know it is going to be fantastic when it is finished, but it is also a good example of me having to 'trust the pattern', because it is hard to imagine it is going to work.

However, having faith I continue on.

This has become a memory sweater because it is made up of stash wool I have from sweaters knit for my brother, my son, and myself.

How Elizabeth Zimmerman imagined this garment is mind boggling. It really is a trick of origami and faith. And as I head back towards the 333 stitches I only get a few rows completed in an evening. Once I get to the magic number of stitches I have to keep going to add more length and then after finishing the neckline I will pick-up the stitches to finish the sleeves. I think I will I-cord the edges at the end if I have enough wool. It is going to be a very cozy sweater and will have used up a lot of stash.

I also started another hemp zodiac double-knit potholder for the husband of the birthday girl from last week. But I only have four rows so it is not picture worthy. It will have the chinese character for Rat on it, and I will have a picture to show you of my progress next week.

Happy Easter everyone...

Chocolate time!