Sunday, May 31, 2020

Yopping Update #48 - The difference a week makes

I had a much better week this week. So there is that.

I finished my Petty Harbour socks:

great use of leftover sock yarn x 3 colours
I started on my Wrapped in Jamie Square 11 - Next of Kin

but then had a major yarn chicken loss.

I frogged and hemmed and hawed about changing colours.  I then decided to try a two colour square - a brand new challenge for me, the novice crocheter.
I decided to try it first with some cotton I had in my stash.  If it didn't work I would still have a usable dish cloth.

It worked!

So onto the real deal:

I have 4 more rows of the border to finish today and then I am caught up once again.  Then I can resume my Spice of Life Blanket because I have some leftover yarn (red and green) that I now know I won't need for Wrapped in Jamie.  I have lots of blue and white left over which I think I will use to join the squares (blue), and then do a border around the whole blanket (white).

I forgot to show you last week that I made two ear saver thingies for my hubby's and my masks.


I have been working on my list for the next year of YOPPING.  I don't know what I will cast-on tonight  - maybe I will get back to the spinning wheel.  (Didn't I say that last week?)

I had to go out twice this past week - once for a blood test on Wednesday, and yesterday for an MRI.
I was nervous about being in the buildings but both places made me feel very safe in regards to CoVid-19.

It was my first experience having an MRI.  Man are they ever loud!! Luckily I am not claustrophobic because it is a very, very small chamber than put you inside for 45 minutes.  Did I mention how LOUD it was.  I was thankful for my yoga breathing training, and that the technician had a very calming presence and voice. My doctor should have the results by Tuesday.

I walked outside by the ocean after my blood test, and I did manage to exercise everyday this past week.  I joined via My Virtual Mission app to walk the Camino de Santiago.  I had wanted to do this in person the year I turned 65 (this year), but my hip, and the ban on international travel put a kibosh on that!  With My Virtual Mission I enter my mileage everyday and the app sends me postcards of where I am with pictures and historical/geographical points of interest.  I can also see myself on the map.  It is 480.9 miles and I have given myself until the end of this year to finish as at this point I can manage to walk about 2.5 miles a day.  Although yesterday I clocked 3 miles (I danced for an hour).

There have been lots of phone chats with my son (he is looking for an apartment) and video chats across the miles with my daughter and grand-daughter.  Here is a screen shot I captured as we were saying our goodbyes last night (their morning).

Have a good week all and remember:

Be safe.  Be kind.  Be calm. 

new masks came in the mail this week too

Sunday, May 24, 2020

Yopping Update #47 - Are we having fun yet?

Is this the fun part?   Answer at the bottom of this post.

Although I won't post until tomorrow (Sunday), I am writing this today (Saturday).  With me so far?

I have a headache.  I couldn't sleep last night - I finally fell asleep around 2:30am and slept fitfully until 7:30.  After feeding the cat, having some coffee and taking my pills I slept again fitfully until about 9:30.  So I am up now.  Dishes done, laundry in process, and a heel to turn on these socks I started a couple of days ago.

leftovers put to good use with wide stripes
I finished my Lady of the Lake jacket and I am very, very happy with it.

it is very warm and cozy

Today the next square of Wrapped in Jamie CAL comes out, which is good because once these socks are off the needles I don't have anything else of the go.  I might make the lady viking, or start on my nativity scene.  My spinning wheel is also glaring at me and feeling neglected.

finish first - then look for another project

I know I have much to be grateful for, but today I just want to whine (or whinge if you are in the UK).

Some business are opening up here - we are in phase 2, and phase 3 starts on June 1.  This is when campgrounds are suppose to open, but our province and the one next door where my son lives are only allowing camping to residents of that province so we probably won't be able to camp near him.  Although he is saying that perhaps he can come to us and work remotely from our house.  Time will tell.  He also said that if we go there and pick him up - he is a resident so perhaps they will let us camp together.  I don't want to ignore the rules, but I do so want to see him since seeing our daughter seems to be sooooooo far into the future.

I have got out for a couple of walks in my neighbourhood and there is a duck pond at the end of my street.

and irises

which meant I earned this medal over a few days of walking:

I did get a new mask from my sister:
Covid hair - don't care

Now to the not having fun part of the post. 

I am not sure where my warrior in me has gone. I hope she is sleeping, because after two nights of shitty sleep I am headachy and just sad.  Arm sore (rotator cuff), hip sore (who knows why), heart beating,( but not as well as it should) and because of CoVid who knows when I will get the heart MRI I need to have. I am tired and cranky and sad. I hope when hubby wakes up from his nap we will walk down to pond and see the baby ducks. Maybe then my warrior will return. I think she just needs a rest. She has been doing pretty well since March 3rd. That is when I stopped going to the pool and outdoor beaches because the virus was ramping up.  By March 17th everything was shut down.  And here we are - ten weeks later.
Sigh. So, Mary-Anne what are you going to do now? Today? I will do some knitting, some crying, and then go gently wake up that warrior in me. I miss her.

Sunday morning update:

We did go for a quiet walk in the forest and saw the baby ducks.  I still have a headache, but I can feel the warrior is stirring.  

Be calm.  Be kind.  Be safe.  

someone has a new ride-on toy