Yopping 21/22 Plan

Sunday, May 15, 2022

Yopping Update #46 - So many gnomes so little time

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Wow - Update 46 - Soon it will be time to start thinking of my list for the next Year of Projects starting July1. 

I did finish my dragon Potholder and then started and finished by Prince potholder. I was worried I would run out of yarn - but I won the yarn chicken game. 

Phew that was close!

Otis staking claim on my Havana and not overly impressed with my double-knitting

I then worked on my Advent Gnomes #9 and #10

And now I have 10 of 24 done.

I have finished Clue 1 on the Make Gnome Mistake KAL, and finished clue #2 on the Mystery socks I am knitting.  Pictures will follow once all clues are done around the end of May I think. 

I did a few more rows on my son's gansey - I have almost finished the ribbing. 

I did make another 3D square.  I am quite proud of this one. 

and I finished the third panel of my Christmas Tree skirt - I might get this done in time for Christmas after all. 

Well I still have to duplicate stitch the gnome but that will come much later. 

Other than knitting and playing the in the Harry Potter Knitting Crocheting House Cup I have been walking a little, doing my physio exercises for my hip/back/neck and not too much else.  It has been very cold and rainy - unusual for May - but it is what it is.  At least since Monday I have been migraine free.  A blessing inded. 

I may have mentioned that I am not buying any yarn until the end of the summer, but I never said anything about not buying patterns.  I succumbed to this at the Post Office yesterday. How could I resist. 

I also purchase fox-paws on Ravelry.  I have had this in my queue for years and decided this is the month I am going to cast it on.  Wish me luck.  The instructions say it has 'interesting' increases and decreases. 

It comes with a colouring sheet so I can play with my colours before starting.  I have lots of Palette in blues and greens so I think it will be subtle but interesting. 

And even though I am on a yarn diet a friend gave me a sweater quantity of silk/rayon yarn and I am going to make Vroda with it.  I think it will make a nice summery top - and a little fancy too. 

She also gave me 3 balls of Cascade Fixation so I think another Elizabeth Zimmerman's Baby Surprise Sweater will be started shortly.  

I am still transcribing my parents' war letters - I try to do about three a day - my Dad's handwriting is very hard to read but it certainly is illuminating.

It has been too cold yet to go to the beach for a swim.  I am aiming for June 1st but the weather doesn't seem to be agreeing with me.  My poor jade tree is usually outside by the third week of April, but not this year.  

At least someone is enjoying the beach with her friends. 

Today I plan to knit.  LOL.  How unusual.  And I will go for a short rainy woodsy walk.  I do want to get started on the 2nd sock of the test knit.  I don't usually have secondsockitis so I need to tackle this before it gets any worse.  

Happy knitting/crocheting/spinning/walking/paddling/cross-stitching/living to all.  Until next week....

P.S. I have changed my comments section to pop-up in new window so I hope this helps those who were having trouble commenting and had to remain anonymous (but I appreciated you letting me know who you are!)

Sunday, May 8, 2022

Yopping Update #45 - Oh my - I am in WIP Heaven (Or is it WIP Hell?)


This will be short and sweet and mostly pictures because I am in also in migraine hell this weekend. 

I finished another 3D Crochet square:

I have made a wee bit of progress on my son's Gansey:

I have done the first clue of the Mystery Sock - but no pictures because,well,  it's a mystery and no spoilers allowed. 

I am almost done another double knit potholder:

and I am progressing along on the next piece of my Christmas Tree Skirt (hey I have until December 25th right?)
this is number 3/8

I still have to cast on the 2nd test knit sock, and I will get to it....soon. 

I also want to start one of the sea creature 3D crochet squares. (I have nine I want to make).

So I organized all my wips into project bags and so, unusual for me (the monogamous knitter) I have six projects on the go! (not pictured here are the 2 advent gnomes and gnome KAL I have planned for May as well so I think that makes nine wips - ala Dante's Nine Circles of Hell. )

I blame the Harry Potter Knitting/Crochet House Cup group.  I want all the points! (To date I have already got 35 points.)

It is Mother's Day here in North America.  So here is to all the Mums, Moms, Mamas, Mothers near and far.