Sunday, June 13, 2021

Yopping Update #50 - Almost


I stayed monogamous with my knitting again this week.  

Here is a progress picture from last Thursday

As of today the first sleeve is done, and the second sleeve is finished with the pattern and just plain knitting for another five inches before doing the ribbed cuff. 

I developed a puncture on my right pointer finger from my sharp knitting needle, so I rummaged around in my sewing kit and found an old thimble of my grandmother's, or perhaps my aunt's that is keeping me safe.

Two weeks ago I did do one pattern repeat on my Elizabeth  Montague socks from the Bluestockings collection, but they won't get any more attention until my gansey is done.

I have been continuing my daily walks and taking pictures of the flora and fauna on my way.  My sister mailed me a bear bell to wear so I feel better cutting through the forest trails once again.  I check on the ducklings nearly everyday and although there are not as many as last year, they seem to be growing quickly. 

The squirrels like to hang around the pond too  to get the leftover bird seed after the ducks have had their fill.

I had an MRI two weeks ago, and a CTscan last Monday so I hope to get some results from the doctors this coming week.  I just finished a course of antibiotics that were making me feel tired, so I hope my energy returns this coming week. 

On the positive front my hubby and I are getting our second vaccines this coming week.  The province is opening up more and more and I will admit it makes me quite nervous.  I will take it in baby steps venturing out into the world once I am three weeks past my second dose.  That will be early July.  I don't imagine I will be rushing into 'business as usual' but I will feel more protected for sure.  My son in the next province over is hoping to get his 2nd dose perhaps by the end of June as well so all things being equal we hope to visit with him this summer. 

I did get together outside with four knitting friends yesterday for the annual Knit in Public Day.  The weather cooperated and it was so great to be chatting and knitting together just like in the old days before CoVid.  Definitely a sign of things moving forward. 

My grand-daughter is continuing to charm us with her videos and pictures and whatsapp chats.  

What a character!

Lately she has been sleeping in so I have been able to have some lovely chats with just my daughter some mornings too.  These are golden moments. 

I will leave you this week with this 'wisdom' tree.  That is what a father was telling his son as I walked past.  It really does look quite mysterious and whimsical and I do believe in the wisdom of the plant world.  Some days it truly is my saving grace. 

Interesting how the bark has formed twisting around itself

I am still processing the news I shared last week about the 215 bodies found, and then earlier this week a Muslim family of five was deliberately run over.  The parents, grandmother and teenage daughter were killed.  The survivor is a nine-year old boy who has lost his family. 

As my son once said when he was very little, "I just don't understand people".

I don't either my dear boy.  I don't either. 

Sunday, June 6, 2021

Yopping Update #49 - There are no words

 On May 27, 2021 the remains of 215 indigenous children were found on the grounds where the former Kamloops Residential school operated from 1890 - 1969 only a few hours from where I live in British Columbia.  Their relatives never knew what had happened to them - only that they never came home. 

The grief, anger, confusion, and outpouring of support for these little ones has filled social media sites and the daily news on radio and television.  Read one such article here.

I have no words.  Only a deep, deep sadness for all who have been affected, and are continuing to be affected by the shameful residential school history of my country and the churches involved in the cruelty and abuse these and many other children suffered.  It has been noted that this is just the beginning of such discoveries.  There are estimates that the remains of more than 4000 children from similar schools across the country have yet to be found. 

The stories of those left behind to mourn are not my stories to tell.  The stories of Residential school survivors are not my stories to tell, but these are the stories I need to bear witness to.  We all need to bear witness to.  I am listening.

honouring the land I walk on and the people whose land it is

may peace come