Monday, January 15, 2018

Today 29 years ago

On January 14, twenty nine years ago, I was making sure everything was organized to leave your brother so your Dad and I could go to the hospital to deliver you.

It had started snowing, hard, and I was concerned if we didn't get to the hospital sooner rather than later it would be too late.

As it turned out if it had been too late it would have been fine to have you born at home as yours was an uncomplicated birth.

As it turned out the Doctor was not as concerned as I was about the snow and waited for the hospital to call him that your arrival was imminent.

He missed the birth.

He did describe driving to the hospital as a commercial for all-wheel drive vehicles as he drove around all the stuck cars in his path between him and us.

So yes, you were born in a snow storm.    January 15, 1989, 3:20 am.

I still remember the doctor on call who delivered you - not her name, I forget her name, but she had the most wonderful warm brown eyes.

And so it began in that hospital room greeted by your Dad, and your Aunt, and me. You born on what would have been my father's 65th birthday.  A gift indeed.

You met your brother later the very same day - he arrived with a bouquet of irises for me.

I have come to believe that our children are our teachers, not the other way around.

You came into this world to teach me about you, about the world I live in, about myself.

I am still learning from you - you who now live so very far away - and in a hot country - far from snowstorms and icy winters.

I wish you were here so we could go to the Korean spa together, go get our hair cut, go out to White Spot and share some zoo sticks. Maybe get a mani/pedi and make fun of the massage chairs like we did so many years ago in Halifax.

I wish you were here so I could make us some tea, and we could sit in the kitchen nook and watch the birds and talk.

I wish you were here so you could sit at the piano, or play the guitar and sing.

I wish you were here so we could do yoga side by side.

I wish you were here so I could hold you as I wish you a Happy Birthday and tell you what this relationship of ours means to me.

But, as my mother used to say, "If wishes were horses than beggars would ride".

(She was also a Capricorn).

So today we will Skype, and hopefully the card I mailed will have made it in time to greet you on this special day.  If not, know that it is winging its way to you across the many many miles.

Happy Birthday, dear girl.
I love you.


Sunday, January 14, 2018

Yopping Update - testing testing


I have been working on the test knit for Celtic Knits and I am on the last section.  I am up to 388 stitches per row - so it is going more slowly now, but I love the pattern, and I already know who I am going to give this to when it is done.  Shhh - both the pattern and the recipient are a secret at the moment.

My sock test knit is coming along - I have turned the heel on the second sock so it will be easy-peasy to finish this.

I am still putting in quite a few rows every day on the scrappy bias shawl.  I am enjoying this knit very much and feeling good about using up my bits and bobs.

I also sorted out my worsted remnants so I have some tentative plans for some little Izzy dolls.

I did get some spinning done this week - about 1/2 an ounce.  It feels good to be back at the wheel.  I have left it set up in the living room so that I will do a little bit each day or so.  I am spinning wool that I processed myself - quite a learning curve - but I think it will be good once it is plyed.

On the down side I got a migraine on Thursday which is still with me so that sucks.  I am living on Tylenol every four hours.  I hope today I will be well enough to get to the pool as I just couldn't bear the bright lights and noise yesterday.

It has been an emotional week for me, and I was looking forward to my support group on Friday - but when I got there the sign on the door said it was cancelled this week and next.  I was pretty upset about that but fortunately I have an empathy buddy and we had a good talk on the phone that evening.  I was so grateful she was there for me when I really needed her.  I haven't really needed this for quite a few months so was glad to have her help to find my equilibrium once again.

I am still waiting for my knitpicks order.  It should be here soon.  They say it was shipped on January 3rd.  I can't wait to cast on the sweater I have planned for the cotton I ordered.

So that's it for me.  An up and down week - just like the treadle on my spinning wheel.

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