Sunday, June 28, 2020

Yopping Update #52 - This is a Wrap in Rhyme

Before we get into the wrap-up for Year 9, I want to show you my finishes  and starts for this past week.

Square 12 - Wrapped in Jamie CAL

Another 30 gms spun of my charcoal

Tour do Fleece started yesterday and I am in on two teams.  Team Canada and Team Pride.  I have all my fibre lined up so that will be my focus for the next few weeks.  

And I finally started my Dahlia Cardigan - very tricky at the beginning with 8 lace stitches on four needles, but last night transferred to a circular.  Much better.

Looking over my list that I made last July I was pleased that I did everything I set out to do except the mobile and the woven baskets.  (Well, that and an epic fail at not buying any yarn.  lol)  The mobile and the baskets will stay on the list for the upcoming year 10. (My year 5), and I won't even consider a yarn diet this year.  I know myself too well. I did manage to post every week too.

Now onto the wrap-up.

A Yopping Wrap-up in Rhyme

Advent knits were a goal I had set to achieve
This year was the year I did believe
By Christmas day there were  thirty  wee knits
accompanied by a garland and twenty-four  little mitts!

I knit one hat and for each child a sweater
That fit each recipient down to the letter

I spun and I spun 475 gms in all
700 more yards wound up in a ball
Some of it used for my first handspun cowl
the sheeps and the llamas caused quite a howl.

I challenged myself with some tricky crochet
Learning so much about myself by the way
I am an old dog but I can learn new tricks
Using one hook instead of two sticks.

There were dish clothes, and tea towels for use in the kitchen
I now have  a collection which is quite bewitchin'

And don't forget spa cloths of which now I have four
It's time for a bubble bath behind a closed door!

Crocheted  bags  and pairs of slippers for feet
in cold Croat winters should be quite a treat

A crocheted tank I can't wait to wear
If ever the weather improves more than fair.

Yes there were socks - seven pairs in all
and four lovely shawls to wear to a ball.

Four toddler sweaters knit for who knows who
and 12 knitted toys which were fiddly to do.

I made two poppy brooches for Armistice Day
To honour the vets in my own knitted way.

A slip stitch blanket for a cold Plymouth day
A gift for a student as she sat by the bay.

I sewed two  face masks for hubby and me
with material from a bag that once contained tea.
Crocheted two ear straps for the aforementioned masks
Saving our ears while we are doing our tasks.

I made Layla a stocking for her first Christmas Day
I miss her so much she is so far away.

For myself two sweaters that fit like a glove
Like all I knit, they were knit with Love.

So that's it, that's the wrap for another year done
Now onto year ten ,another list, what fun!

Before I leave you dear readers there is one thing more
A picture of the grand-daughter whom we all ADORE.

PS:  If you are interested here is the link for my list I made July 1, 2019 .

Sunday, June 21, 2020

Yopping Update #51 - quick detour into spa items

Happy Fathers' Day to all who father. I think of my Dad today - missing him for the past 47 years. I celebrate all the men in my life who are fathers.

It has been an odd week crafting wise.  I did a wee bit of spinning - started my 2nd bobbin,  but mostly I got out some ugly pink scrubby cotton that I had planned on giving away and made these:

back scrubber

face scrubber

bath mitt with thumb hole
bath mitt without thumb hole
I finished the body of my Amiga cardigan

I am liking how this vintage alpaca wool is knitting up so I decided to use the rest I have to start the Dahlia Cardigan.  If I don't have enough yarn then I will frog Amiga.  If I do have enough wool then I will finish Amiga once Dahlia is completed. 

Just before I started to write this post I notice that Square 12 has been released in the Wrapped in Jamie CAL.  So I will be starting that today for sure!!

I have almost finished my Year of Projects list for Year 10 (year 5 for me).  I am still committed to using up the yarn I have in my stash - much of which is homespun. 

This week has been pretty rainy - but I have been getting in my steps at home and one day when my zoom wasn't working due to crappy internet I put on my Prince play list and danced on the back porch (it was sunny that day) for 30 minutes. 

I have tracked 72 miles on my virtual Camino walk - at this rate I may indeed finish by my birthday in mid-October.

I ventured out to the post office again this week.  I was happy to learn from my son that I could weigh and measure my package at home and then pay and print out the shipping slip so that all I had to do was hand it in at the post office.  Very convenient and I felt very safe doing so. 

I did a lot of online shopping this week: t-shirt, snacks, suncream, vitamin C, powdered peanut butter, books, toques, and of course our weekly groceries.  It is like Christmas every time a parcel arrives at the door. 

The summer solstice has just passed us and here it was pouring in rain all day.  My son had sunshine in his province one over from us, but look what greeted my daughter in Croatia:

I am sure there is more I could report on but I picked up two new books to read yesterday and I am eager to get to them.  AND to cast on Square 12. 

If you are on Ravelry you will know that they have revamped the website and oh my there is a lot of chatter about the pros and cons of the changes.  My husband had a t-shirt that said "Change is hard.  You go first."  I was surprised at first, but I am getting used to it.  There are much more important things going on in the world that need my attention. 

I will leave you with a picture my son captured while whatsapping with my grand-daughter.

Breakfast time with her uncle
Our provice in beginning stage 3 tomorrow.  Me?  I think I am still in stage 1, or maybe zero.

Have a good week everyone. Be safe.  Be kind.  Be calm. 

Now it is time for a bath with all my new scrubbies!

Sunday, June 14, 2020

Yopping Update #50 - Spinning finally

Yes.  The spinning wheel's nagging paid off and I finished the first 38 gms of this lovely gray. Only 76 more grams to go.  (And I will get started on the next bobbin today.)


The hot water bottle cover is coming along - slowly but surely.

And, I started another sweater for myself.  A light weight alpaca cover up for the summer evenings.


I may be too hopeful that I will ever get to use this sweater because it has been raining heavily for what seems like days and days.  It does often clear for a short time in the late afternoons so we can get out for a short walk, but as soon as the sun goes down it is too cold to sit outside, sweater or not!

So much continuing on in the world - CoVid-19, BlackLivesMatter, and another unacceptable police interaction with an aboriginal person in Canada.  I am listening.  I am learning.  I will do better.  I will speak up.

My dear son-in-law's family is reeling this week over the sudden death of their mother's partner.  A tragic motorcycle accident has taken a wonderful man, far far too young.  My daughter looked so tired and sad when we Whatsapped with her last night.  I am so far away and feel so helpless.  My grand-daughter was her charming self and I am sure her presence is helpful to them all. 

Sigh.  Life does go on, but sometimes I just want 2020 to realize that enough is enough.  Everyone thought 2012 was going to be a pivotal year in all our lives.  It is not even the half way point of this year and so much has happened to us all. 

This past week I took part in watching, via zoom, the graduating class of our school present a radio play on Friday and their graduation ceremony yesterday.  Technology was challenging for both events (and for my twelve step meeting yesterday morning).  First my speaker inside my computer quit so I missed the last 3 minutes of the radio play, and then on Saturday after I fixed the speaker my microphone quit. What?  Really?  Yes, really.  As of this morning both are working, fingers crossed.  My dh suggested that my computer is 4 years old, but the thought of investigating and buying a new computer was very unsettling. 

Fortunately I was able to contact one of the student's and found out how the play ended.  Whew.  Dealing with the microphone issue, I zoomed into a meeting on both my computer and my phone...on the computer I could see everyone in the gallery view, and then used my phone so I could take part in the meeting discussions.  I was happy to kludge together a fix yesterday morning, but it did kick up my anxiety and it took me a few hours to settle back down.  I realize how dependent I have become on technology to stay connected to many of my social groups and I am relieved this morning that things are working smoothly again.  (Knock on wood).

This weekend both my dh and I are feeling anxious, and helpless and at loose ends.  Thankfully we have been able to get out for some fresh air, eagle and heron spotting, and some ocean views and sun. 

I pray that you are all well, and safe, and holding your loved ones close to your hearts.

Breakfast time