Sunday, April 11, 2021

Yopping Update #41 - a little of this, a lot of that


I turned the heel on this (well actually these as there are two of them)

crazy construction - stay tuned to how it all plays out

I spent a lot of time on that (which follows):

almost frogged but calmer heads prevailed

I had been working on this Practical Magic shawl pictured above, but I wasn't feeling the pattern or the yarn. I almost frogged it, but decided to start the second colour and then see what I thought.  I love it now and am so glad I didn't give up.  It is great TV knitting too.  I had to cut the speckled part a bit short because I was running out of yarn - but she says right in the pattern to delete (or add) rows as you wish.  

The sweater of many colours got no attention again this week.  It is sitting alone on the love seat and sending me telepathic vibes to pick her up again.  I will once the shawl is finished. 

This week has been interesting.  On Tuesday I got the news that my heart output is not improved and the doctor wants to add another medication to the one I am already taking.  He says that they have good results with mixing the medications to allow the heart to heal.  
Hmphf!  With all the walking I have been doing and all the hills and stairs I have been climbing I had hoped for better news.  I wept for an hour or so, swore loudly, put on my hikers and went on a 4 1/4 mile walk. 
Take that!

My mood has been steadily improving despite the crappy news, and.....drum roll please.....I get my first CoVid vaccine this coming Tuesday.  I am so happy. 

The cough is pretty much gone, but the doctor wants a follow up x-ray.  I am going to wait until two weeks after my vaccine before I go into the hospital.  No point letting my guard down at this stage of the game. 

Saturday I spent two hours in the garden making a fence out of cherry wood rounds we had piled in the front yard last summer.  It feels so good to get the yard cleaned up.  I also pruned back the holly and the Japonica, and I have three huge bins of compostable sticks and cedar leaves to be picked up by the district on Friday.  We are only allowed two bins, but my neighbour and I have an arrangement that if one of us isn't using both of their bins the other can.  



border at edge of grassy area

I didn't want to walk outside at the trails or beach on Saturday because it is very sunny and the crowds show up on the weekends.  Instead I set my Strava gps to record my 'walk' as I worked in the front yard.  This is the result:
pretty much sums up my life these days - lol

I will leave you with this lovely picture of my grand-daughter on Easter Sunday. 

She announced loudly when we talked that she LOVES CHOCOLATE

I have been posting everyday as I am participating in the A to Z(ed) blogging challenge.  You can read my theme post here, and feel free to check back every day through April.  Well, except Sundays, because Sunday is my Yopping update!  It feels good to be blogging everyday again. 

Saturday, April 10, 2021

I is for Inventory

  A to Z(ed) blogging Challenge - (my) Life in the TIme of CoVid-19 

I is for Inventory

one of many inventory pages

Leafing through my logbook I see I have a number of inventories. Almost always these have to do with my fibre hobbies.  I do like to keep track of what I have on hand - especially before I order more yarn.  I made a number of blankets this past year and although two of them started as 'blankets from stash', I soon HAD to order more colours as it seems I have a preference for blues and purples, and I needed more variety.  

I also made:

  • an inventory of all the projects I made from July 1, 2019 to June 30, 2020.  I belong to a blogging/crafting group called Year of Projects where we make a plan for our year and then blog every Sunday about our progress.  If you want to follow my progress check back here on Sundays.
  • an inventory of amount of my hand spun wool I have stashed
  • an inventory of sport weight yarn leftover after finishing my topsy-turvy doll
    Topsy-Turvy doll - two dolls in one!

  • an inventory of yarn used for my Gnutmeg Gnome

    how cute is he?

  • an inventory of weight and yardage of wool I used in my Havana blanket

    Big enough to play hide and seek
I like to know what wool I have and the funny thing is my Ravelry program does all of that, but I like to go through it by hand and check the figures. 

I think this is a way to have control over something in a year where I have had little control over anything. 

I can confidently say I have control over my yarn stash.  I know how much I have, and where it is. 

And, I can always find an excuse to order more.  

Friday, April 9, 2021

H is for Heart

 A to Z(ed) blogging Challenge - (my) Life in the TIme of CoVid-19 

H is for Heart

This will likely be the hardest post to write and publish.  I tried to avoid it.  I could pick other H words.  Healing, Havana, even Hot Water Bottle cover.  However, on top of everything else this pandemic has thrown at us all, I have been dealing with my heart since August 2019.  Things really ramped up just as news of CoVid-19 was arriving in January 2020. 

My logbook is filled with notes from Respirologist, Cardiologists, and my GP.  There are appointment details for MRI's, CT Scans, X-rays, Blood Tests, sleep studies, Broncoscopies, Echo-Cardiograms  and Ultrasounds.  

In August 2019 I mentioned to my doctor that I heard a rattling in my chest when I was lying down to sleep at night.  An x-ray showed fluid around my heart, which led her to ordering an Echo. 

Early January it was confirmed that my heart was not pumping the blood volume it should.  48% instead of 60%.  I was referred to a cardiologist, but while waiting for that appointment I had a serious dizziness episode while grocery shopping and I ended up in emergency for soooo many tests that led me to an internist because my heart and lungs were showing some issues. After she ran some tests she referred me on to a cardiologist.  

And so it began.  Wearing a holter monitor for 24 hours, going to the hospital for some adrenal test which involved injecting me with something and then taking a blood sample every thirty minutes for a couple of hours.  I have had ALL the tests and nothing has shown up to explain my heart not pumping normally. 

Idiopathic cardiomyopathy.  Meaning they don't know why.  I still have yet another specialist to see who may (or may not) order a PET Scan.  I am now on two medications to help my heart.  Medications that are usually given to people with high blood pressure.  Ironically I already have very low blood pressure so I have to be careful getting up too quickly from sitting or I can get quite dizzy.  Hmmmm....isn't that what started it all a year ago January?

They tell me my heart is enlarged.  So apparently I  have a big heart, as well as a broken one. 

There are so many heart expressions we use in our daily lives. 

  • to be warm-hearted, cold-hearted, hard-hearted
  • heart felt
  • we tell people to 'have a heart'
  • we refer to someone as being 'all heart'
  • heartbreak

I am sure you can think of many more.  

Me?  I just wait for my next appointment.  After hearing three days ago that my heart function hadn't improved despite the medication I have been on, and all the walking I have been doing (including a lot of hills) I wept for a good hour. 

And then?

Then I said outloud to myself "Fuck it".  I put on my big girl panties, and went for a four and a quarter mile walk.  

I admired the flowers and avoided the aggressive birds.   (No really - check out the sign I saw on my walk).

My mother always told me that my problem was I wore my heart on my sleeve.  Maybe there is some truth in that and I should put it back in my chest where it belongs. 

Thursday, April 8, 2021

G is for Gratitude

 A to Z(ed) blogging Challenge - (my) Life in the TIme of CoVid-19

G is for Gratitude

In all the scribbled pages of my logbook I found this entry. I don't know what I was doing on February 13, 2021 to have me write down these three things I was grateful for, but I suspect it came out of an Oprah zoom event I was watching that day. 

It reads (because my handwriting is a mystery unto itself).

Grateful for snow
Grateful for walks in my neighbourhood
Grateful for hummingbirds

and under that I had written James I-IV.

I just took my bible down from the shelf to look up these verses in James. I don't think I looked it up on February 13th.

"James, a servant of God and the Lord Jesus Christ,
To the twelve tribes scattered among the nations:
My brothers and sisters, whenever you face trials of any kind, consider it nothing but joy, because you know that the testing of your faith produces endurance; and let endurance have its full effect, so that you may be mature and complete, lacking in nothing. "

Well, this past year has surely tested my faith, but I always come back to what my dear priest always tells me, "Let Go and Let God."

Above the gratitude list (do three things really make a list?) I had scrawled Call my Agent.  Since I don't have an agent I must be referring to a show on Netflix or some other streaming service.  I haven't watched it yet, so I don't know if I am grateful for it or not.  

F is for Fleece

 A to Z(ed) blogging challenge - (my) Life in the time of CoVid-19

F is for Fleece

I am a member of an online knitting/crocheting/spinning community called Ravelry.  Every summer when the Tour de France starts there is a group that organizes the Tour de Fleece.  The object is to spin every day that the riders are riding and to challenge yourself on the two challenging days of the Tour.  You also can rest on the two days the riders are resting. 

I learned how to spin when our best man gave me his mother's spinning wheel.  I took lessons in the fall of 2014 and have spun on and off since then.  I have spun well enough to knit socks, mitts, cowls, hats, shawls and toys out of my hand-spun.  

This year even though the Tour de France was postponed until September the organizers on Ravelry decided to go ahead, and I decided to join in.  It's not like I was doing much else as camping and travelling were off the table last summer. 

I had a lot of fleece - some I had purchased, but most I had been given by a friend I helped pack for her move, and she didn't want to take her fleece stash since spinning wasn't something she really enjoyed. 

The Tour de Fleece also coincided with another challenge I had made for myself to not buy any fibre in 2020 and to spin and then knit up what I did have. 

modelling my handspun, hand-dyed, hand knit toque

The log book entry at the beginning of this post is my spinning through that Tour.  As it turned out I won a package of ten different sheep breed fibres (for challenging myself by spinning silk), and also some rainbow dyed fibre (for managing to spin everyday of the competition).  It was so exciting to win something - and as it turned out the organizers of Tour de Fleece decided to hold a second contest when the actual Tour got going at the end of August.  

Spinning my winning (s) for Tour de Fleece take two

I know I spun more yardage in the year 2020 then I ever had before.  I made a hat/cowl/mitt set that I wore through the winter on my daily walks, and some beautiful socks for Pride (but that is another story when I get to R is for Rainbow.)

If you are just starting to follow my A to Z(ed) blogging challenge you can read my theme by clicking the link in the top line of this post - (my) Life in the time of CoVid-19.

E is for Effexor/Estrogen/Emergen-C

 A to Z(ed) Blogging Challenge - (my) Life in the time of CoVid-19

E is for Effexor/Estrogen/Emergen-C

This post might fall under the TMI category, but f&%k it, it's my post.

Leafing through the logbook I found these entries scattered over many pages:

Estrogen Cream - Be more consistent
2X Emergen-C before and after walk
1 pkg Emergen-C (11am)
1 pkg Emergen-C (3pm)
Emergen-C - 2 a day in mid of day
Effexor renewal

I wish these were the only references to medications/vitamins in my logbook, but that is not so.  However, I was looking for an E for this post so this is what I have to work with.  

The references to Estrogen and Effexor were regarding renewals I needed through the past year.  There was some talk about increasing the Effexor, which I take for depression/anxiety, last September, but I was convinced it was the beta blocker sending me into a tail spin, and after I got that through to both my GP and the Cardiologist my mood righted itself once I stopped taking the prescription.  

The Emergen-C came up again and again as I worked with my Naturopath to gain some equilibrium through the fall and winter.  I was able to get it via Amazon Prime because I do not want to go into any on the stores where I normally would purchase it.  In fact almost all the supplements I take I can get delivered online.  So there is that blessing. 

Back to the Emergen-C.  I don't mind adding the pink powder to my water.  My husband can't stand the smell of it, so I have to drink it away from his nose!  (As a side note the brand I use is Ener-C, but whenever I referred to it in my logbook I used the name of the product I started with years and years ago.)

Along with too many other vitamins/supplements to mention I take between three and five thousand units of Vitamin C a day.  The Emergen-C also contains other minerals and vitamin B.  I have to be careful not to take it any later than mid-afternoon or it can affect my ability to fall asleep. 

chart I made to get into rhythm of when to take what and when

I know that people may have opinions about Naturopaths and taking supplements.  Once when I showed my list of supplements to my doctor his only response was - "That must cost a lot of money".   Sigh. 

At that time I had just been diagnosed with chronic leukemia (CLL).  My white counts was about 17,000.  After seeing a naturopath and taking their recommended supplements my white count was back to normal and has stayed that way for many, many years.  When the hemotologist commented on how unusual it was for the white count to drop like that I asked him if he wanted to know what I was doing.  

His reply?


Do my supplements cost a lot of money?  
Are they worth it?

Oh, and the comment about being more consistent with the Estrogen cream? 

I know, I know.....too much information.

Wednesday, April 7, 2021

D is for Declutter

 A to Z(ed) blogging challenge - (my) Life in the time of CoVid-19

D is for Declutter

This page is from my progress in the Minimalist Challenge through October 2020.  The goal was to get rid of the same number of things per day as the day itself.  So on October 1st you get rid of one thing,  on October 2nd you get rid of two things, and so on up to 31 things on October 31st. 

I had already done some serious decluttering in January of 2019 after I had watched the Marie Kondo series on Netflix.  The only room in the house that still needed attention was my teaching/craft/yoga room. 

This is also the room that houses all our paperwork - taxes, receipts, bills, mail, and all sorts of odds and sods. 

The page at the top of this post is my successful month of de-cluttering.  Many books, extra knitting needles, and a lot of paintings that I had done (and kept) from my years of teaching.  I also went through all my teaching files and discarded photocopies of this, that and the other thing - twenty-eight pounds of paper!

The very next month there was another challenge for one week in November.  This time I tackled my sewing cabinet drawers and gave away 45 packages of seam bindings/hooks and eyes/snaps. (Don't worry I saved a few for those emergency repairs.)

I also sorted through all my recipes and tossed the hand written ones I have never made, and never intend to make.  Now my recipe box is very orderly and useful!

The most successful de-clutter was the large balance board that was stashed behind my shelving unit that I gave to a friend who was soooooo happy to receive it to use with her kindergarten students.  My gift to her included the two manuals as well.  I was well rid of it because it mocked me whenever I went into that room.  I kept thinking I should drag it out and use it for myself.  I hadn't used it in eight years since I retired from teaching and it has found a much happier home.

Also in the logbook, around the end of December I destashed the yarn I had that I would never use - too scratchy, too fiddly or just not practical to use for the items I like to knit and crochet.  

Some of the items are sitting in boxes waiting for things to open up again and when they do I will donate them to the free store on my sister's little island.  

I am certain someone will start another challenge sometime this year.  I am sure there are still some things around here that need to go.

(Anyone who has seem our basement can start the riotous laughter now.)

C is for Camino de Santiago

 A to Z(ed) Blogging Challenge - (my) Life in the time of CoVid-19

C is for Camino de Santiago

It has been a dream of mine to one day walk the Camino de Santiago.  I had thought it would be a good goal to do it the year I turned sixty-five. 

Guess who turned sixty-five in 2020? 

So that plan was kiboshed as all travel came to a halt in March 2020. 

Serendipity played a part when an advertisement came across my facebook feed for My Virtual Mission and the opportunity to walk the Camino, well, virtually.

I didn't take too long to decide to go for it and signed up and started walking on May 27, 2020.  Due to on-going hip problems, and heart issues which were (and still are) being investigated I logged any steps I took in a day whether inside the house, or outside for short walks.  I started walking outside with nordic poles to give myself confidence in case I got dizzy while walking, which happened quite often in the beginning.  

Although the app will keep track of the miles, and did, I also felt compelled to track them all manually in my logbook.  

I plugged away through the summer, and on into the fall.  In total I filled seven pages tracking my miles.  The pages weren't sequential as other things were interspersed like notes from doctor phone calls, to-do lists, knitting instructions, spinning projects and even the notes from a self-publishing workshop I attended via zoom.  (Some, or all of these things may become a post for this challenge at a later letter/date).

Originally I had planned to finish the 480.9 miles by the end of the year.  However in the beginning I was averaging two to three miles a day, so I changed my goal to finish on my sixty-fifth birthday. - October 17th.  It was a lofty goal and seemed so perfect.   I could do it if I continued to log two and a half miles a day.  Life intervened and some days all I could manage was a half a mile.  The black dog had reared its head - partly because of the pandemic going on and on, partly because I was overwhelmed with all the medical tests, but mostly because I reacted badly to a heart medication I was on. I gave myself permission to change the goal once again to the end of the year. 

I stopped the medication (with the doctor's okay), and I contacted my naturopath.  She started me on a big regime of vitamins and by the end of October I was starting to feel better.  There was a hiccup at the end of November when a broncoscopy left me with a bad cough for a week but I wasn't giving up.  

December 3, 2020 I finished!  

I even got a medal a few weeks later:

One day I will do the walk in person.  That is a promise to myself. 

I walked 2.4 miles the day I finished.  I only needed 2 miles to finish.  So guess what I did?

I started a virtual walk around Iceland with the extra .4 of a mile.  I even talked three friends into joining me so we can cheer each other on.  I have completed 517.7 km of the total 1332.5 km. I hope to finish by December 31, 2021.  This time I feel well enough to only log the miles I walk outside. 

And then?  

Then I am going to virtually walk around Kruger Park in Africa.  

There is no stopping me now. 

B is for Bread

 A to Z(ed) blogging challenge - (my) Life in the Time of CoVid-19

B is for Bread

gluten free flour ingredients

Last March, like everyone else, I discovered there was no yeast to be had in any grocery stores.  (also no toilet paper, pasta, or beans but that is another story for another day).

I didn't have a sourdough starter in my fridge as perhaps my ancestors may have.  What I did have was a son (who lives in the next province over from mine) who is an expert in fermentation recipes so under his tutelage (over the phone) I attempted, on April 10, 2020, to create a sourdough starter.  

To add an extra challenge I have to eat gluten free so I checked my pantry (which I had organized earlier in the so-called 'two week' pandemic shutdown) and put together a gluten free flour mixture of five different flours.  

I added the flour and water and had to dig out one of my grandmother's linen table cloths (with holes due to age) and covered the mixture.  I had to use the tablecloth because unaware a pandemic was coming I had not stockpiled any cheesecloth. I put the mixture in my crafting room beside my sewing machine because it is warmer there than in our kitchen.  

Over the next eight days I fed it and stirred it, and was happy to see it starting to bubble with whatever yeasts it was catching from the air. 

I made muffins from my first cup of discard and they were yummy.  

with added frozen blackberries and raspberries

On April 26 I started making my first loaf of bread.  This is a TWELVE hour process people.  TWELVE hours.  Not to mention I didn't have six of the necessary ingredients so into my logbook I wrote down all the substitutions I found thanks to Ms. Google (actually I use Duck Duck Go, but again...another story for another day.)

Notes from April 27 - "Baked - Didn't rise much but it is tasty". 

Attempt #1

Yes, it was tasty - if toasted - but very dense and quite 'chewy'.  

Attempt #2

I tried a second loaf and although it rose better and tasted good when fresh it wasn't really doing it for me, and besides we had found a store that would deliver groceries that we ordered over the phone.  I much preferred the gluten free bread I purchased. 

Attempting to make sourdough bread did pass the time.  It did make me feel not quite so helpless, and of course at that time we thought the pandemic would be over as the warm weather arrived. 

Boy, were we wrong. 

As a side note when yeast finally was available in our store they sent as one pound of fresh yeast.  ONE POUND.  (I was expecting one of those little three packs of Fleischmann's Yeast).

So, if you need any yeast... you know who to call. 

Tuesday, April 6, 2021

A is for Abotti and Aquafit with Meaghan


In February 2020 I was able to go to my pool 4-5 times a week as I had been for years.  Up until February 2019 I was swimming one mile each time which took me about 45 minutes.  In February 2019 I somehow tore my rotator cuff and swimming was off the table.  I was still going to the pool and walking in the river and doing arm exercises though, but swimming for long distances was definitely out.  In the fall of 2019 I developed awful hip pain when I walked for any distance, especially if there were stairs or a hill.  I was falling apart but kept up with the pool/river workout almost daily as it eased both my hip and arm. 

March 2020 - pools were closed because of the pandemic.  Walking outside was difficult but my goal was to walk 250 steps ever hour from 9am until 7pm.  This involved making a trail around my house when it was nice weather, and walking around the house when it was not. 

I heard from the WW Gays that this Toronto woman was offering a low impact workout every Monday to Friday called Abotti with Antonietta and I decided to give it a try.  The classes were via zoom, and lasted about forty minutes.  I managed to keep up with the routines, but my arm was still so sore I could not lift it over my head for the arm exercises and so would do them with one arm only. 

The classes were fun, and the leader, Antonietta was enthusiastic and encouraging.  The music was good and the sessions went by quickly.  I started to go everyday and when weather permitted I did them in the sun on my back porch.  I started to keep track of how many classes I attended in my journal.  Slowly I noticed improvement in my arm and within a couple of months I could join in with all the exercises.  

When I was sharing my experience with my WW zoom group about these Abotti classes someone mentioned Aquafit with Meaghan who was doing something similar on both facebook and instagram live.  She is an aquafit teacher who started to offer free aquafit classes from her living room.  She is very lively and funny and had decorated her living room to look like a pool with paper mache fish and kelp and octopi hanging from the ceiling.  It also was a low impact class so on days I couldn't make the Abotti class I would go to her Aquafit class.  

Two women who shared their love of exercise for free with those of us locked down due to the pandemic were a gift for my body and soul.  I hold great admiration for both of them. 



(my) Life in the time of CoVid-19

 It all started at the free store on the little island where my sister lives.  In the library section where I was volunteering I discovered an unused Lee Valley Logbook. 

 Being one who loves to journal, although not religiously, I snatched it up and took it home with me.  It languished on my shelf for a few months and then I started to use it when I was evaluating or mentoring teachers.  

Then March 2020 arrived. 

No more daily swims at my local pool.  No more going out for lunch with my dear husband.  No more meeting friends for coffee.  No more CoDA meetings.  No more WW meetings.  Just. No. More.

When it all started, and things were officially shut down we all thought it would be only for two weeks. 

Little did any of us know. 

So I needed some new ideas, new things to do, new ways to stay connected, new ways to get exercise. 

And that is where this Logbook came into play. 

I did not use it page by page at all.  Some things went straight to the back page.  Some to the front.  Some were started somewhere in the middle.  It is a muddle.  It is quite frankly a mess.  It is my mess of the last year and I think there are quite a few stories here.  Stories of new friends and new hobbies.  Stories of health issues, frustrations and setbacks.  Stories of hopeful changes.  Stories, of course, of knitting.

There are lists, and graphs, and totals and phone numbers.  There are to-do lists, and have-done lists.  

The A-Z blogging challenge has begun, and in my own fashion I have just thought about starting and it is already April 6th.  But hey, I can catch up.  Right?

My next post will be one of the stories from this Lee Valley Logbook.  I am not going to limit myself to following the alphabet.  It might work, but if it doesn't I will veer off on my own.  

I have no pages left in the logbook so I need to start a new one.  I like to have one beside me where I sit and read and knit and talk and watch too much TV.  Then I can also jot down whatever I need to without scrambling to find the back of an envelope.  I am sure my new journal will start out all orderly and tidy - but that is for another day.  

If you are interested in following this whimsy of mine then please subscribe.  I hope to post every day until I have given the pages in this logbook their due.  

It has been a year.

And this journal is proof that I survived. 

Yes, I did try making sourdough bread - more on that in a later post

Sunday, April 4, 2021

Yopping Update #40 - still socks


Happy Easter.  It seems to always be a glorious sunny day on Easter Sunday and today is no exception so I am soon to be off for a walk and to also pickup some potting soil to plant the wildflower seeds my son sent me this past week. 

I finished the Scatterby socks and love them.  The first one I made a wee bit too long, and it was a wee bit too tight using the 2mm needles so I ordered some 2.25mm 9" circulars for the second sock and it fit much better.  

I also order another 2mm and 2.5mm 9"circular so I can knit two socks at a time which is my preferred method.  I forgot how much I love the fish lips kiss heel and I will definitely be using it more often with my future socks. It is so easy and the fit is superb.  It really hugs my heel. 

My friend Fitznstarts asked me to knit a sock with her so last night we both cast on Pole Dance. I do love socks with a different kinds of construction.  

I had to order sock yarn to get the free shipping on my needles and these two colours will be perfect for Pole Dance

It's a beginning

I did end up frogging my Practical Magic, and casting on with the 2nd colour first - I like it much better. 

The sweater of many colours has not got any attention this week.  

On the health front the good news is my cough is gone!!  Hooray, and as of yesterday I have stopped the steroid inhaler.  More good news - my hubby got his first vaccine last Tuesday!  I talked to my doctor and I do qualify to get mine sooner due to my medical condition, but I have to wait for the letter from the government.  She figure my age might come up before the letter gets to me, but either way I am hopeful to get my first vaccine before the end of the month. 

The not so good news is I got my third migraine in as many weeks on Friday - boo hiss. 

However, progress is progress and I did get out for a few nice walks earlier in the week.  Someone decorated the boulevard trees with Easter eggs, and it was a lovely sight on Wednesday. 

There was a very tragic incident at our local mall last Saturday and seven people were stabbed - one fatally.  The community has been coming together to heal and chalk drawings are everywhere to remind us of love and kindness. 

On Thursday I had a beautiful walk around a lake near my home

and, of course was treated to some glorious pictures of grand-daughter playing in the tidal pools. 

I hope all is well with all of you.  Things are looking up, and hey, Lent is over so I am back on facebook, instagram and enjoying my chocolate treats!

Sunday, March 28, 2021

Yopping Update #39 - When in doubt knit socks


Well it has been a week.  And not in a good way.  

On Monday I went for a walk and was about 2 miles away from home when I got a migraine aura.  (Insert major curse word here).  I called my husband and he came and got me so the next 24 hours were spent medicating and sleeping and lying in a dark room.  Fun?  Not fun.  

On Tuesday I was so fed up with the cough, and lack of sleep that I decided to go get a CoVid test even though none of my doctors had suggested it.  It was negative.  So that was good. 

On the way to the Covid test I got a call from the hospital that they could do a repeat echocardiogram to see how my heart is beating since it has been a year since my last one.  They ask me all the questions about CoVid - cough...yes,  headache....yes, fatigue....yes, loss of smell or, but nothing tastes good, loss of appetite....yes.     Still no request from them for a CoVid test.  

So Wednesday morning I reported to hospital at 7:15am with negative CoVid test in hand (which they didn't seem to care about).  So early to be up and out, but at least no traffic despite the heavy rain that morning.  I was home by nine and back to bed for a few more hours sleep.  I will get the results on Tuesday.

On Thursday I called my GP and mostly cried on the phone to her about how crappy I was feeling.  She was sympathetic, but no real answers - just to keep on keeping on. 

Yesterday was very bad with the cough from 7am until about 4pm, when I finally fell asleep for a couple of hours.  Maybe I am over the hump (which I also said last week), but at least last night I slept from 12:30 until 10 with only a small coughing episode at 7am.  

Okay, whine over. 

Through it all I have found some solace in knitting.  Not a lot, but some.  The last clue came out for the Pescatarian Mystery sock and it was a 12 row pattern to be repeated twice on each sock before starting the toe.  I would do one repeat a day and then turn to more mindless knitting such as my Scatterby socks, or my Practical Magic Shawl.  

Last night I started the toe of the Pescatarian and did, in fact, run out of yarn but not to be deterred I continued so they would be finished.  I am quite pleased with them. 

I kinda like the speckled toe
I put off turning the heel of the Scatterby for a couple of days because it required a fish lips kiss heel which I hadn't done for some while.  I couldn't bear looking up and reading the pattern, but when I finally got to it I progressed through it quickly and successfully.  I am almost finished the leg and ready to start the cuff on the first Scatterby sock. 
the fish lips kiss heel does fit beautifully

I got the Practical Magic scarf/shawl up to starting the garter section.  I am going back and forth as to whether I like it or not - but the way my mood is I don't like much these days so I will continue to see if it grows on me.  

this might be frogged to become a sock - time will tell

So that has been my week.  Probably one of the lowest mental health wise.  I am just so tired of mri's, cat scans, echocardiograms, etc. etc. etc.  I am anxiously awaiting my turn for the CoVid vaccine but I think it will be at least another month if not longer for my turn to come up.  I actually qualify for getting ahead of my age group for medical reasons, but I have so many doctors I don't know who is responsible for reporting my situation to the government.  I do have a call into my GP for tomorrow to discuss this with her. 

I feel like all I am is an unwell person.  I feel like all I will be remembered for by friends and family are my health complaints.  I am just so tired of it all. 

On a more positive note a friend had a baby last Monday, a beautiful baby boy, and I went into my cedar chest and pulled out a baby blanket and sweater for him and dropped them off at her door on Tuesday.  She was very appreciative and I felt good about that. 

This week, and especially last night I was thinking a lot about how sock knitting is my salvation.  Despite how rotten I feel everyday I put on a snazzy pair of handknit socks - and after more than a year of living in my jeans and t-shirts - at least I can look at my feet and see some colour and fashion!

I also was thinking last night that even though I feel like I am not accomplishing much, or being very creative or helpful I can always turn the heel on a sock.  Sock knitting has always seemed more than magical to me - almost the philosophers' stone - turning something beautiful and useful from a ball of string. 

I wrote about the magic of sock knitting years ago.  You can read my musings here

I haven't been very present for either of my kids, or my husband, or my friends this past few weeks.  I just don't have the energy.  I am so glad they are not letting me slip away but checking in and cheering me on daily.  

My daughter recently regaled us with stories of my grand-daughter delighting in a giant puddle she found on their trip to the big city.  Apparently on-lookers were quite horrified my daughter and son-in-law allowed her the freedom to splash and carry on to her heart's content.  They are terrific parents. 

Wishing for all of us to find a moment of unapologetic joy in the coming weeks.

taken on my Friday walk

and my Amaryllis is re-blooming - so there is that.