Sunday, July 29, 2018

Yopping Undate #4 - Welcome home

I am home.

Coffee and breakfast with my dh on the back deck. Laundry drying outside.  Slowly unpacking in the heat. Sorting mail. Making cookies. All the things I do when I get back home to my little house surrounded by cedar trees.

And. I did get some knitting done this past week.

And some unknitting. 

Wait. What?  

Well, actually it was uncrocheting. 

At the Free Store on my sister's little island I saw a bag that contained a half finished crocheted tunic.

It is a mohair blend and I could totally see making a Prairie Lace Shawl out of it. 

So for the next three days I was un-crocheting instead of knitting.  I ended up with 575 gms:

I got this book from the freestore (well I actually got about ten books, but this was the only knitting related one.)

And I found this great pattern for a stash-buster sweater:

My sister then gave me this book she found at the free store too:  It matches my Knit your Own Dog book she gave me a couple of years ago.

I have already picked out two cats I want to knit.  Stay tuned.

I did finished my sweater,

and then raided my sister's button jar.  It still needs blocking before the buttons go on.

I started another hemp pot-holder as a gift for a dear friend and I hope to be finished before I see her next Saturday.  She was born in the year of the Rat and this symbol is the Chinese character for Rat.  It is double knitting so the pictures show the front and the back.

I took a water colour painting workshop on the little island and here is my painting:

I have lots of ideas for future water colour paintings so I know I have found a new hobby.  I need to get to the art store this coming week to buy paints and brushes.

Sunflowers must be trying to tell me something because when I got home my Simply Knitting magazine had arrived and look at the little kit that came with it -

When I arrived home I was also greeted by this:

so my orchid is blooming, and my Hoya isn't far behind.

I had a wonderful week with my sister - two long walks, four long swims, and lots of good food, music and talks.  It was the perfect way to unwind after my busy teaching week. 

So how was your week? 

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Monday, July 23, 2018

Yopping Update #3 - Wait. What?

Here is a picture of me last a week ago yesterday in the ferry lineup.

The important thing about this picture is that this is the only time and place in the last week that I did any knitting.  I knit about six inches on the sleeve in the lineup to and on the ferry.. 



Yup, that's right.  I was teaching three courses a day from Monday to Friday and when you throw in prep time I was putting in 13 hours days.  I would get home, eat dinner, have a bath and go to bed.

Here I am last Friday before my last two classes.

It all went very well and I am happy to report that after all the evaluations I can confidently state "They like me.  They really really like me."  (You have to read that line in Sally Field's voice.)

Not wanting to leave the high of teaching and face a three or more hour ferry wait I went to visit my brother and his significant other on Friday evening for dinner and a visit to the sand sculpture competition in Parksville. 

My favourite was called family: (We had a pet iguana at home while I was growing up)

and this one called 'children are a handful' I sent to my daughter who is expecting her first in December.

I made it to my sister's little island early saturday morning and what with the market, the grocery store, and a LONG nap I didn't do any knitting at all. 

Wait.  What?

Yup.  All true. 

During my courses the class was asked to come up with a motto for each grade from 1 - 8. 

Wait. What?  was the motto for grade seven. 

It caused gales of laughter and has been my go-to  line for the last few days.  I am sure I will grow up and get past it sometime soon.  (not).

So, next week I promise I will have knitting and spinning to show you, probably a finished sweater, and I am currently unraveling a partially finished crochet garment I found at the Free Store made with a gorgeous mohair blend that I will make into a Prairie shawl. 

Stay tuned. 

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Sunday, July 15, 2018

Week Two update - It is easy being green

In deference to Kermit the Frog it is easy being green.

I have worked on two projects this week. From Monday to Friday I worked (albeit slowly) on spinning the last ounce of my merino/tencel fibre and then last night I took my wheel out onto the back porch to do my first ever 4ply yarn.

It took a long time to ply - at least an hour - and I have to even out my three remaining bobbins to finish the 4 ply.  In the end I will have 4 ounces and I will report on the yardage in a couple of weeks.

I only knit on Miette this week and I am about half a sleeve to finishing.

Today I am off to Vancouver Island to teach for a week, and then to my sister's on the little island for some R and R.  I am taking four little advent projects to work on while away, plus of course finishing Miette and I have a birthday present that needs to be finished by August 4th.  I will also take my drop spindle and some washed and carded fleece so I can keep up with Tour de Fleece this month.

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Friday, July 13, 2018

Walking to Hope

My son and I are friends on an app called Strava.  It is a fitness app that allows you to post your activities.  A few months ago I noticed my son started giving his activities cute names and often were accompanied by cute pictures as well. 

I started to name my walks and swims and aqua classes.  Often the name is just where I was, or who I was with but there is one that is named for where I am going. 

Walking to Hope.

Every Friday I meet some people for coffee at Hope Centre.  I have been meeting up with them since last November.   Now that the good weather is upon us I take advantage of it and walk the 4 1/2 km to the meeting place.  It takes me about 45 minutes.  My dh picks me up afterwards somewhere along the route as I walk home. 

I admitted to a friend recently that I don't like walking just to walk.  I need to be on an errand, or with a friend catching up.  I rarely will go for a walk without a destination in mind. 

Usually I walk to the mall to shop, or to the library to return/borrow a book, or to get my haircut, or see the doctor/dentist.  I am fortunate to live in a place where walking to these places is an option and is doable for me. 

But now Friday has become the best of destinations. 

I walk to Hope. 

As I walk I reflect on the beauty of where I live.  The horse stables I pass by.  The house with all the bird houses in the front yard. 

The house with the hedge trimmed like a prancing pony.

 I even give thanks for the new construction that has allowed for a wonderful walking/biking path under the highway overpass.  It used to be such a dank, scary place to walk under.  I walk past the old houses on the grand boulevard and the more modern ones that seem to be springing up here and there.  A district in transition.

Just like me.

Sunday, July 8, 2018

Week One done - Year of Projects 2018/2019

I have not been doing as much knitting (gasp!!!) as usual as I am prepping for three courses I am teaching next week. 

However, I did finish knitting the baby pants, but they are not yet sewn up - and I still have the i-cord to finish.

I decided to focus on only one project this week - My Miette.  I am loving this yarn (Madeline Tosh Vintage) and the stitch definition it is giving me.  It is also pretty easy to knit and watch Netflix because lately I am alternating between Peaky Blinders and The Staircase - both of which need me to pay attention to what is happening on screen so forget lace shawls at the moment!

I bought some new yarn on Friday to make presents for a couple of special people in my life so I can't post anymore on this because, well, secret.

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Face to Face with the 7th step

I have been attending a twelve step program for 7 weeks.  It had been suggested by a therapist and then another friend that I try CoDA (co-dependents anonymous).  Ok, so now it is not so anonymous.

Each month they focus on the step that corresponds with that month. At yesterday's meeting I was looking through the list of behaviours that one could call shortcomings, or survival techniques. 

I recognized more than a few of them.

  • procrastination (avoidance)
  • needing to do something about what we are feeling
  • fear of letting go and trusting
  • fear of what others may think or feel about us
  • fear of others' anger
  • dishonesty
  • manipulation (overt or covert) 
  • isolation

So why am I posting this?  (She asks herself).  Because I am taking crazy back.  Because I don't want these behaviours to control me anymore.  Because I am healing and attempting to be honest with both myself and others. Because after these meetings I can be quite sad and tired as I deal with new information, remember memories I had forgotten or ignored, and integrate stories I hear with my own stories. 

We all have stories.

Step seven is "Humbly asked God to remove our shortcomings."  To remove those things that have kept me safe all these 55+ years is a huge leap of faith. 

But I have faith.

I do. 

Socrates said "the unexamined life is not worth living." 

I believe that.

I do. 

I just wish that it didn't have to hurt so much. 

And it doesn't. 

Not all the time at least. 

Not. All. The. Time.

Sunday, July 1, 2018

Year of Projects - A new beginning

Happy Canada Day everyone!

Unfortunately I spent the day in bed with a migraine, but I am up now thanks to too many medications and preparing this wrap-up post for the 2017/18 yopping year as well as unveiling my plans for the 2018/19 Year of Projects that starts today.

Last year I finished most of the things on my list, and created a large number of things that were not on the list.

1 Cowl
1 Blanket
10 shawls (two were test knits)
5 pairs of socks (three were test knits)
6 double-knit potholders
3 baby articles
7 toys
3 Christmas Ornaments
1 Sweater
1 Pair of slippers
350 gms of handspun - much of it on my drop spindle (picure is of what I spun this past week)


I finished editing my novel!

At the end of the year I reacquainted myself with my love of crochet and I have three crochet wips to carry with me into the next Yopping Year.

I didn't dye any yarn as I had planned, but I did get the materials together so it will move into my next year list.

I was able to post every week of the challenge even when I was away camping for two months. 

So on to Year of Projects 2018/19.

First my new graphic for the coming year.

How cute is he?

I have quite a few wips being carried into this year and I am sure more projects will be added as I fall in love with patterns I just HAVE to knit, or crochet.  And I still have to finish my basket that I am weaving.

So here is my list for Year of Projects 2018/19

WIPS from 2017\2018

Crochet Baby Blankets:
1) 9 patch baby throw
2) Mandala Sampler Throw
3) Tunisian sampler - which I worked on this week

1)  Houlland
2) Bonnies Wish

1)Zodiac Rat

1) Miette

Baby Things:
1) Soakers - Here is my progress from the past week:

Woven Basket

New 2018/2019 projects

Little Knits for Advent Tree:

1) Christmas Bell
2) Stjarna
3) Gnome Bab
4) Santa Gnome
5) Bear Xmas Tree decoration
6) Christmas Drum
7) hedgehog
8) owl
9) Advent Tree
10) mini santa hat
11) candy cane
12) Heart
13) Acorn
14) Holiday Mice
15) Mushroom
16) Gingerbread Man
17) Poinsetta
18) Shamrock
19) Reindeer
20) Snowman
21) Sheep

Baby Knits

1) three pairs baby booties - two white, one blue
2) two pairs baby mitts
3) baby sleepers - onesie
4) crib mobile
5) crossover sweater


1) Taxi Socks
2) Twizzler Socks
3) Tour de Sock ( a couple of them at least)


1) Tour de Fleece
2) spin baby doll fleece
3) spin shetland fleece
4) spin fresian fleece


1) Cowichan Style Sweater knit from above fleeces


1) for son-in-law


Amigurumi Rainbow Sock Monkey

So that is it.  I wonder what else will get added as year goes on??  I will create a page for this list and update it there as I go.

I did make an acquisition this week - a new project basket:

and here is Otis looking too cute on my Iona blanket I knit this past year - one of my favourite projects of all time.

I will be posting update #1 next week.  I hope you will follow along.  I also plan to post about the comings and goings of my non-crafting life every Wednesday if you want to stay tuned for that as well.

And yes, there are other Yoppers to follow for the next year.  You can look at their lists of projects here.