Sunday, July 1, 2018

Year of Projects - A new beginning

Happy Canada Day everyone!

Unfortunately I spent the day in bed with a migraine, but I am up now thanks to too many medications and preparing this wrap-up post for the 2017/18 yopping year as well as unveiling my plans for the 2018/19 Year of Projects that starts today.

Last year I finished most of the things on my list, and created a large number of things that were not on the list.

1 Cowl
1 Blanket
10 shawls (two were test knits)
5 pairs of socks (three were test knits)
6 double-knit potholders
3 baby articles
7 toys
3 Christmas Ornaments
1 Sweater
1 Pair of slippers
350 gms of handspun - much of it on my drop spindle (picure is of what I spun this past week)


I finished editing my novel!

At the end of the year I reacquainted myself with my love of crochet and I have three crochet wips to carry with me into the next Yopping Year.

I didn't dye any yarn as I had planned, but I did get the materials together so it will move into my next year list.

I was able to post every week of the challenge even when I was away camping for two months. 

So on to Year of Projects 2018/19.

First my new graphic for the coming year.

How cute is he?

I have quite a few wips being carried into this year and I am sure more projects will be added as I fall in love with patterns I just HAVE to knit, or crochet.  And I still have to finish my basket that I am weaving.

So here is my list for Year of Projects 2018/19

WIPS from 2017\2018

Crochet Baby Blankets:
1) 9 patch baby throw
2) Mandala Sampler Throw
3) Tunisian sampler - which I worked on this week

1)  Houlland
2) Bonnies Wish

1)Zodiac Rat

1) Miette

Baby Things:
1) Soakers - Here is my progress from the past week:

Woven Basket

New 2018/2019 projects

Little Knits for Advent Tree:

1) Christmas Bell
2) Stjarna
3) Gnome Bab
4) Santa Gnome
5) Bear Xmas Tree decoration
6) Christmas Drum
7) hedgehog
8) owl
9) Advent Tree
10) mini santa hat
11) candy cane
12) Heart
13) Acorn
14) Holiday Mice
15) Mushroom
16) Gingerbread Man
17) Poinsetta
18) Shamrock
19) Reindeer
20) Snowman
21) Sheep

Baby Knits

1) three pairs baby booties - two white, one blue
2) two pairs baby mitts
3) baby sleepers - onesie
4) crib mobile
5) crossover sweater


1) Taxi Socks
2) Twizzler Socks
3) Tour de Sock ( a couple of them at least)


1) Tour de Fleece
2) spin baby doll fleece
3) spin shetland fleece
4) spin fresian fleece


1) Cowichan Style Sweater knit from above fleeces


1) for son-in-law


Amigurumi Rainbow Sock Monkey

So that is it.  I wonder what else will get added as year goes on??  I will create a page for this list and update it there as I go.

I did make an acquisition this week - a new project basket:

and here is Otis looking too cute on my Iona blanket I knit this past year - one of my favourite projects of all time.

I will be posting update #1 next week.  I hope you will follow along.  I also plan to post about the comings and goings of my non-crafting life every Wednesday if you want to stay tuned for that as well.

And yes, there are other Yoppers to follow for the next year.  You can look at their lists of projects here.


  1. I'm so happy you finished up your novel. From the excerpts it looked quite interesting. Fingers crossed for it to be published.

    You really did well last year. Both with posting and with all the items you completed. I see lots of baby items for the coming year. Your grandbaby is a very lucky baby to have you as a grandmother.

    Love your basket. Otisis just making sure Iona doesn't fall off the back of the couch lol.

    1. Otis is pretty convinced the blanket belongs to him.

  2. Wow, you got so much done last year, I love the Iona blanket! I'm very curious about the Taxi socks - and about everything else as well, to be honest. Hope your novel gets published, and hope I'll get to read it over here in Germany.

    1. lol. The taxi socks are for my son - yellow and black taxi checkerboard. He had a pair years ago and they were his favourite so I want to knit him a pair for his next birthday (since I missed doing it for his last birthday). They have been in my queue far too long.

  3. Super impressed that you finished a novel! That’s a ton of work!

    I love how wide ranging your list is - spinning, knitting, crochet... toys, ornaments, garments, socks. The whole gamut!

  4. Yeah on your novel! You have lots on great things on your list...can't wait to see the finished projects..

    1. me too. starting projects is one thing - finishing them is another!

  5. That is very, very cool that you finished a novel. And your accomplishment list is so long an varied! That Iona Blanket is completely stunning, if I was your cat I'd claim it too!

    1. Oh he has totally claimed it - although on cold knits I do pull it down onto my lap if he is cuddled up elsewhere.

  6. I hope you're over the migraine now - you need to be fit and well to get through your new list. I look forward to following your progress.

    1. Thank you - I am feeling better today for sure.

  7. Love your list! It’s got such a wide variety of projects. I look forward to seeing your progress with the Tour DE Fleece. I’ll be spinning along with my knitting group. Congrats on the novel! That’s quite an accomplishment.

    1. I have so much fleece and I think the Tour will help me make a dent in it.

  8. What a accomplished year you had! Your list is wonderful, so many different projects and they all sound like fun. Best of Luck with your novel, that is a real accomplishment, I'll be looking forward to seeing in print! I agree with Otis, your Ione blanket looks very welcoming. Wonderful colors and the pattern is awesome.

  9. Mary-Anne, somehow I must have missed the finish of your Iona blanket, as I can't believe I forgot it. But if I did, it was as if I was seeing it for the first time in this post. It's amazing! I remember being impressed with the square design as you were making it. It turned into a gorgeous blanket. I am so looking forward to your new makes over the next year!

  10. Wow! Congratulations on achieving so much this past year. You must be a super quick knitter! I barely have time to sit down let along get so much yarncrafting done.
    Your list for the coming year looks very ambitious and it would totally overwhelm me but, based on your track record from the past 12 months, I'm sure you will whiz through those projects with flying colours.
    I like how you have broken down the larger advent project into smaller individual goals and scheduled them into your timeline.
    Typical teacher, I suppose - totally organised with the year programmed out!
    Have fun, Mary-Anne. :-)

    1. Thank you - lol. Yes, once a teacher, always a teacher. Great to hear from you.

  11. Ten shawls? A-ma-zing! You have a great list for this year's.


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