Year of Projects 2017-2018


Iona blanket - done October 

SlipStripeSpiral socks - finished July 12/17

In all I want to make a dozen pair of socks this coming year.

Tibetan Socks - a few pairs

Taxi Socks for my son

A pair from my Op-Art Socks book by Stephanie Van Der Linden - done


Antarktis - Done

Another shawl from The Book of Haps - begun June 2018

Doubleknit Potholders

Tree of Life -  two done May 2018

Zodiac -Monkey - May 2018

TPHPE Hot Pads - two done May 2018


Seattle Cowl


Wash,Card and Spin my 5 fleeces

Spin hemp I have - done

Spin Shetland roving in my stash


Dye two skeins of bare yarn


Knit Cowichan style sweater with homespun made with above fleeces

Scottish Ale for my hubby - removed as he didn't want it at this time


10 socks darned - done


make something with three balls of brown alpaca - Done

made something from all the cotton I have or else give it away!


Knitted Knockers


Hat to match my Dizzy sweater - Done

Leftover fingering odds and ends

scrappy bias shawl - done

Novel - edit all thirty chapters - done, and give it to some Beta readers.

Miscellaneous finished objects since starting the year

Pride Unicorn
Bertie Bunny
Hococo Lemur
Longbourne avenues shawl - test knit
Sugar Plum Fairy socks - test knit
On the Spice Market shawl
Dying of the Light Shawl
Peace Shawl
midnight sunset shawl test knit
2 little hedgehogs - one for me, one for my son
christmas ornaments - dove, sweater,ball
Cait's test knit socks
Katniss socks
Queen of Tarts socks- test knit
Maggie's cowl
Classic Cotton Tee
Wingspan shawl
Oceans of Time shawl
Bendy Arrow shawl
baby booties
diaper pants
bedroom slippers
Princess Leia Doll