Sunday, April 29, 2018

Yopping 44 - Progress in a few areas

Well, on the headache front I had four good days, but this weekend things are back to yuck.
The weather may be a factor.  It was beautiful weather until Saturday morning and with the rain came the headache.  Maybe God is telling me I need to go back to Arizona!

I did a fair amount of walking this week, and went to two aquafit classes.  But yesterday I was an uber couch potatoe.

On the spinning front I am almost finished my April 50 gm quota - I have today and tomorrow to finish the last 15 gms.

I have made great progress on my Oceans of Time,

but the rows are so long now (536 stitches) and each row takes so long I had to cake two news yarns and start my Bendy Arrow.  I love the colours, and it creates a gorgeous I-Cord edge as it is being knit.

I got my wingspan on the blocking mat: Ta-Da.

I have looked at my Year of Projects lists and I can tell you I have a lot of ground to cover in the next 8 weeks!

Good luck to me and all my Yopping friends.  You can follow their progress here.

Sunday, April 22, 2018

Update 43 - Headache 10, Me Zero

Hello all.  I wish I could say the headache is gone, but I am on day 11 and feeling pretty done with it all.

However, I did get my Tee finished and I love everything about it:  the colour, the pattern, the yarn and the fit.

I then picked up my Oceans of Time that I had started before I left on my holidays and I am quite please with my progress.

I am hoping to have enough of the grey and red yarn left over to use on a test knit sock pattern for Knitterarium.

I did start my spinning project too.  I am aiming for a 4 ply.  The fibre is a merino/tencel blend and I love love love the colour (which is more green than the blue it is showing here but I can't get my camera to photograph the true colour.  I have four ounces so I am spinning it up onto four one ounce bobbins and then I will ply.

Here is the fibre I am using and the colour is truer:

So that is my week.  I did get for a walk one day, and a swim another.  And I did get my hair cut so this week hasn't been a total write-off.  I am hoping to get out for a short walk today as the sun is shining and the flowers are budding.  Here is my new do:

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Sunday, April 15, 2018

Yopping 42 - Home Again Home Again

Where to begin?

I have been home since Wednesday Afternoon, and besides Laundry and sorting out the camper I have been dealing with a horrible headache since Thursday.  I blame the cold and the rain.


this greeted me at my front porch when I got home.  My Bleeding Hearts had volunteered and bloomed for the third year in a row.  So, yes, spring will come.  It always comes.

I have had time to sort out my projects since coming home and I finished Maggie's Cowl with less than a yard of wool to spare.   It needs to be blocked - as does my Wingspan.

I picked up my Cotton Tee that had travelled with me the last two months but never saw the light of day.  It is such an easy knit that I finished side one and started side two and you can see it is progressing very quickly.

The yarn bowl that I won arrived when I was away - it is so beautiful:

And, my Simply Knitting subscription started and I came home to two issues to peruse through.

Next week I plan to pick up my Oceans of Time that I started before I left and I have to get to my April spinning now that I am home.  It will be nice to be back at the wheel after my two months of using the drop spindle.

The only craft purchases I made while travelling were the two basket kits.   I did not buy any yarn.  GASP!  I know right?

But I knew I had lots of yarn I had purchased via my dh for Christmas and I didn't want to get ahead of myself with yarn stash when I have sooooooo much fibre to spin.

We spent our last weekend camping on the Oregon coast and it was very windy, but sunny.
After the biggest storm the beach was full of a kind of sealife I had never seen before.

They are called velella - there were hundreds of them on the beach the day after the storm.

One of our last days in our home away from home - Beachside State Park - Oregon.

I'll miss these little guys - my favourite cacti.

and this was our last night in California - camped by the river and this ancient cottonwood tree.

And since I will be teaching a botany course this summer it seemed like ALL the plant world was getting my attention - especially these lovely wooden flowers - pine cones. 

You can follow other yoppers and their progress here.  

I still wish I was away camping, but I think once the sun reappears and the cherry blossoms come out I will be happy to be home. 

Sunday, April 8, 2018

Yopping 41- Heading for home.

We will be home by Wednesday and this past week we were in death valley and now back on the wet and wild oregon coast. Wifi is limited so two project updates and I promise more vacation pics once I am home.

My basket and my cowl: