Sunday, April 8, 2018

Yopping 41- Heading for home.

We will be home by Wednesday and this past week we were in death valley and now back on the wet and wild oregon coast. Wifi is limited so two project updates and I promise more vacation pics once I am home.

My basket and my cowl:


  1. I'm amazed you are still on the road! I wish I were traveling with you. I've loved the crafts you've shared as you travel. Looking forward to seeing more pictures when you get home!

  2. Death Valley! This sounds like such a great trip. And the basket looks amazing already;)

  3. Safe journey home and look forward to updates on decent wifi.

  4. The basket is great. So is your cowl.

    You have had quite the road trip. It sounds like lots of fun. I am looking forward to your photos when you get home.

  5. I love your basket! And colorwork too! LOL! The cowl is lovely! Thank you for sharing your travels for those o f us who go nowhere! LOL! Armchair traveler...that's me.


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