Sunday, October 25, 2020

Yopping Update #17 - Learning (and re-learning) new tricks

It is 9pm and I am just getting to the weekly update.  Although I had a good day yesterday, today wasn't so great and I just couldn't get much done.  

Progress this week:

I did get all the pieces finished for the Nativity scene.  If I don't procrastinate too much I should get some of the pieces assembled in the week to come.

To distract myself when the endless piece work was on-going I started a pair of socks with two (to me) techniques.  German short rows so the toe is skewed, and a shadow wrap heel.  It took me three tries to get the wraps correct on the toe so there were no holes, and the first sock, although finished, is a bit big. It is knit toe up, and I wasn't sure how deep this shadow heel was going to be. I have started the second the next size down.  If I am happy with the fit, I will just re-knit the first sock - it is not like I don't have time on my hands. This is a free pattern on Ravelry called Tipsy Toe Socks. I am knitting using a 2.5mm nine inch circular - my favourite needle for sock knitting. 

I added a shell pattern on the front of the leg to honour my virtual Camino de Santiago walk

I finished all the October de-cluttering.  I had the last three days of October to finish and so I tackled my teaching boxes.  I recycled 30 pounds (yes, pounds) of paper plus put together a box of books and resource materials to donate to the school.  It took me a day and a half to go through all my files, and it feels good to have less on the shelves.  

So that is my week.  Short post today - I am just not feeling like writing anything else.  I did have a good day yesterday (one out of seven) and here is a picture of the beach we sat at for a couple of hours.  It was cool (8 degrees Celsius) but the sun was glorious. 

Sunday, October 18, 2020

Yopping Update #16 - A basket of Hope


There has been a lot of knitting of wee things this week as I continue to work on my Nativity scene.  After I finish the shepherd I am working on, there is still a few more sheep to make (I only have made one), and one more Magi and then there is ALL the sewing together!  I can't even imagine.  

basket contains: Mary, Joseph, 2 kings, 1 shepherd, 1 sheep, a manager and the baby Jesus!

I can post a finished object finally because it has been received by its recipient. 

Vera Viking pattern from Alan Dart

Other that that I have been continuing to de-clutter books and teaching supplies - I think I have gotten rid of enough things to make it to October 27th!!  Lol.  Over achiever much?

I haven't been feeling that great this week, although I had some respite yesterday for my birthday which was a bonus.  It must have been the 'refreshing' dip I took in the ocean to celebrate turning 65. 

post dip Apple Crisp

My Amaryllis bloomed for my birthday - silly plant

That is my week.  I hope next week I will have some photos of the Christmas scene put together.  I want to finish the knitting of all the little pieces, because I have all this glorious new yarn to use for a Mosaic crochet blanket and I don't want to start until I am sure I won't need any of the colours to finish the Nativity scene.  I have to find or create an Angel pattern because the pattern I am using didn't include one.  Stay tuned.  

I was asked last week to post a group photo of my gnomes. So here they are - adorning the top of my piano (for the time being).

Sunday, October 11, 2020

Yopping Update #15 - Pictures only, because it has been that kind of week


Some days there just are no words

Oh Gnome you didn't!

Happiness delivered

from KnitPicks

Recycled/gave away 266 paintings

Books to give away

Box of goodies to give to school

Mental Health Day by the Ocean

All succulents inside now for the winter

Ent discovered on yesterday's walk

Nativity scene progress

my amaryllis has decided to bloom 6 months late or 3 months early!

Damaged pill order arrived - sigh (company is re-sending me a better packaged one)

best part of every day

The Art of Racing in the Rain

Sunday, October 4, 2020

Yopping Update #14 - ready for winter

I continued to work on my toque that I started last week.  I was using my homespun and after it was finished:

I figured I had enough yarn left to make a pair of matching mitts:

I used the pattern the simplest mitts ever and they will be perfect when the temperatures dip to freezing. (not for a while I hope). So I am ready for winter with handspun/handknit cowl/toque/mitts.

My Knit Pick's order is not here yet, although it has been shipped, so I started another gnome with some leftovers I have.  She isn't quite finished so you will have to wait until next Sunday to see her in all her glory, with ends sewn in! I still have her arms and nose to knit today. 

That was pretty much it for knitting this week.  I planned a couple more WIPs but they aren't yet cast on - so I guess they aren't actually wips - just things added to my list of things to do.  I think I will knit my own cat, and knit my own dog.  I have lots of white and black left over from previous projects so I think a Tuxedo cat (ala Otis) and a border collie (ala my dear Maggie from so many years ago). 

I did take Yarnma up on her October Minimalist challenge.  Each day of October I am to de-clutter the number of things that match the date of the month.  As of today that is ten things: 1+2+3+4=

4 books, 3 knitting tools, crochet needle case, a 12mm straight needle, and some random 8mm needle that doesn't even have a mate. In the process I re-organized my double points, and I have many extras to declutter but I will wait until later in the month when I need the numbers!

My plan is to mostly tackle my shelf of teaching supplies - some of which I do not need to keep anymore and I can donate to the school.  Stay tuned. 

I did get my cat scan results, and they now involve a referral to yet another specialist.  So more waiting.  You would think I would be good at it by now.  Sigh.

The sun was out yesterday so my dh and I headed to the beach to dip our toes in the ocean.  After about 45 minutes the smoke from the California fires rolled in dramatically and the temperature dropped suddenly.  Still, it was lovely while it lasted. I really wished I had taken my bathing suit with me - I totally would have gone in for a dip.

I will leave you with a lovely still I captured of my grand-daughter on the teeter-totter.  She was singing her name.  So endearing.