Thursday, March 29, 2018

Yopping #40. From the sublime to the ridiculous

We spent Sunday walking around Williams Arizona - a on Route 66 and on Monday headed into Grand Canyon National Park to camp right in the park. Mid afternoon we got on the shuttles to Hermits Rest and spent 3 hours hopping on and off to see the amazing vistas.  We decided to get off at mojave point to watch the sun set over the canyon.  It was spectacular.

The next day we left the park and decided to go to Peach Springs where, if you get a permit from the Hualapai Tribe, you can drive done into Grand Canyon and camp beneath the cliffs beside the Colorado River. 

It is a 20 mile drive in on a washboard gravel road and we even had to ford a few streams.  It was  not a drive for the faint of heart but oh my goodness was it worth it! 

We spent two nights there and then decided after such an amazing experience of nature at her finest to head to.....
Las Vegas!

After porta potties and no services we got three nights at an rv park that runs like a 5 star hotel.

The pool was amazing and I had a long swim under the almost  full moon and an even longer one the next morning.

Of course we drove the Las Vegas strip.  I can't even!!! It is so unbelievable but also put us both on sensory overload.  

So of course we had to walk it yesterday.  We clocked over 9 miles and arrived back at campsite dog tired.

I did get further on my basket and I did finish my March spinning.

I also did a couple more repeats on Maggie's cowl.

Today we head to death valley. Yikes!!

Saturday, March 24, 2018

Yopping 39 - What? A FO?

A FO! My wingspan is done and I love it!

Another kit purchased - a new obsession thanks to my son.

A week to finish my March spinning. I better get on that today.

 We spent first part of week at Gilbert Ray canpground in the Saguaro National Forest and then headed North to Grand Canyon.  We have been here since Thursday and will head for Death Valley on Tuesday.

Today is laundry and then visiting Williams on Route 66!

The museum was awesome and I included a few shots for y'all.

And my favourite tree at the rim of the Grand Canyon.

Until next week!

Monday, March 19, 2018

Update 38 - koolaid and raffia

Still waiting on wifi and no knitting to speak of but I did spin a little more at Dead Horse Ranch State Park.

I found some Kool Aid packets im Eloy (which you can't get in Canada) so I have all the colours for dying yarn when I get home.

My son and I each bought a basket weaving kit so we worked on them a couple of times before sundown.  Slow progress but once the base is done I think it will speed up.

I bought this cool sewing kit in Eloy as well. 10 pre-threaded needles and a wee pair of scissors.  I have already used the gray to fix hubby's hat and I have a pair of pants that keep slipping down so I need to do a quick alteration. 

That is my week.  Today we are off to the desert museum to see ALL things deserty.

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Update 37

A little bit late this week because we were out of wifi range until today.  We were camping at Dead Horse Ranch State Park and exploring around the area.  We had great weather, beautiful sunsets and fantastic food cooked over the fire.

So, no knitting at all in the last week, but I can show you the test knit I finished at the beginning of my holidays.  They are called Queen of Tarts and it was an easy and enjoyable knit.  Thanks to Knitterarium for another great pattern.

I have spun all my natural Friesian fibre on my drop spindle and I am half way through my topaz fibre. 

Here are a few shots from our trip.  Our son leaves us tomorrow and we will continue on to ....somewhere for another three and a half weeks.  I have to say I love Arizona. 

This last picture is samples of spinning from the museum at Toozigoot National Monument - a wonderful site to walk among the pueblo ruins.    Their drop spindle and mine look very similar!

Until next week.

Sunday, March 4, 2018

Update 36

We are in Needles California as I quickly write this update.  Wifi is slow so no pics today but imagine lots of amazing desert and cactus scenes.

We have driven about 900 km since getting the truck back and all is well. (Knock on wood).

We are heading to Arizona and are just a stone's throw away. Literally.

On the crafting front I did spin up Agate beach and I am on the last triangle of my wingspan. 

I will check in with you all when wifi is available. 

Did I mention the cacti are amazing?
Cause they are!!!

And it is warm and sunny here. 

Win. Win.