Sunday, March 4, 2018

Update 36

We are in Needles California as I quickly write this update.  Wifi is slow so no pics today but imagine lots of amazing desert and cactus scenes.

We have driven about 900 km since getting the truck back and all is well. (Knock on wood).

We are heading to Arizona and are just a stone's throw away. Literally.

On the crafting front I did spin up Agate beach and I am on the last triangle of my wingspan. 

I will check in with you all when wifi is available. 

Did I mention the cacti are amazing?
Cause they are!!!

And it is warm and sunny here. 

Win. Win.


  1. Where in Arizona are you? I figure it's either Tucson or Phoenix area. Everything else is in the mountains and is cold.

    The Phoenix area will be in the 80's by Wednesday with lots of sunshine.

    Our catus will start blooming in the 2-3 weeks. They are spectacular when in bloom. Lots of white, pink and yellow flowers.

  2. Hope your trip is fun, Mary-Anne. Look forward to seeing some pictures. Maybe? Save travels!

  3. It was -7 here this morning so the snow melt from yesterday has refrozen as ice. Warm and sunny sounds really great! Maybe cactus photos next week?

  4. Enjoy your travels and I can just imagine how warm and beautiful it is!

  5. My daughter is very much 'into' cacti and succulents. I look forward to your photos when you get the chance.


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