Year of Projects 2016-2017

Prince potholder Done

1) I am making another sweater/shawl in a lighter/finer yarn. It is gray with splotches of pink and blue. About 8 inches done on back to date. Update - July 15 - frogged. July 18 - started with different pattern and needles. Done

2) I need to finish the second diamondback sock - a sock made almost entirely of short rows! Done

3) A multi-coloured Elizabeth Zimmerman Baby Surprise Sweater - my second. - done

4) Spin all the fibre I have in my craft room - this is not as daunting as it seems. I have about 700 gms of fibre.

5) Card and spin the fleece I was given a year ago. It is washed - but is languishing in a brown paper bag.

6) Make the Nurmilintu Shawl - done

7) Knit two pairs of plain socks for my dh. His feet are size 9 but very very very very very wide - Done.

8) Finish my sock yarn blanket. It was been on the go since February 2014. I have 685 squares done, out of the needed 780. And then there is the edging! Done

9) Crochet Yoda. - done - and a stormtrooper too!

10) Finish knitting my stitch sampler shawl (see item 4 as I am knitting this shawl with only hand spun. I am on row 42 or 98 rows.) done

11) A purple baby hat for charity. - done

12) One pair of Baby diaper pants - done

13) Hemp potholder - Done July 18

14) A felted yarn bowl - Gave away yarn to little school in small community

15) Zodiac potholders - two done

16) Two pairs of socks for me - one Cookie A pattern - done, and the other Virrat Streams - done because I want to learn the riverbed architecture.

17) More Izzy dolls

added since I started:

18) C2C doll blanket - crochet - Done

19) Mosaic socks -Done

20) Peace Cowl x3 - Done

21) Uncia Shawl with London Loops yarn - Done

22) Charity knit socks for Covenant House - done

23) Illusion knit potholders - Done (6 to date)

24) prepare and spin 3 baby doll fleeces

25) make sweater out of above fleece

26) Tibetan socks out of homespun - done - 3 pairs

27) Double Heelix socks - done

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