Thursday, December 29, 2011


Sometimes it sneaks up on me. I am minding my own business, planning the day, going to yoga, knitting, cleaning up, and it just is suddenly there. Those around me, those who love me, and perhaps even those who don't, want to know what is it about. Is it them? Is it someone else? Am I mad? Did they do something to upset me?

I don't know. It just is there. Heavy and auspicious, the tears just hovering behind my eyes. Maybe I need to eat something? Low blood sugar? Fatigue? No, that isn't it. Hip openings at yoga? Maybe. But then what is it I am holding so deep in my body?

Doing something for another helps. Helping my husband de-clutter the computer room helps. Vacuuming helps.

So does crying. So does having a bubble bath with candles. I think I just need to take care of me for a few minutes. Just a very few minutes.

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