Monday, April 23, 2012


I attended a confirmation service at Christ Church Cathedral officiated by Bishop Ingram this afternoon. I think it is my first confirmation service since my own in May 1970.

It is a beautiful service. The hymns were wonderful, the choir stellar, and afterwards my student (the confirmation candidate) and her mother invited me out for dinner.

It was hectic to get there on time. I had been away in Victoria at a memorial and spent much of the weekend in tears, especially today as I had to say goodbye to my aunt and cousins, sister, husband and son. They were all staying on the island for another day or so, while I came home to attend the service.

Noon ferry, at my car by 2pm, home by 3pm, change and off to downtown at 3:15. Then finding parking downtown - always a trial - but none-the-less I was sitting in my seat by 3:45. Whew. Sometimes I know that God helps me get where I am going. Today was no exception.

Taking Communion at an Anglican service seemed a fitting end for today. My uncle was an Anglican. I wore the earrings he gave me. Even though they were blue, and I was wearing red. He would understand. I am not one for colour co-ordinating my outfits, but I am good at meaningful accessorizing!

My Uncle, I think, seemed to always speak his mind. The motto attached to the bouquet of red carnations from his regiment, Lord Strathcona's Horse, said PERSEVERANCE.

I think that will be my word for the next few weeks. I think, too, I will speak my mind more - there is no reason to keep quiet while others around me voice their opinions - I need to trust in the validity of my opinion. I need to re-confirm. To myself, to God, to my life.

Bishop Ingram said today "faith is a verb, not a noun". So I am going to move forward, persevering with that thought. If I continue to live with integrity, moving forward faithfully, with perseverance - how can it not help?

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