Wednesday, October 23, 2013

All the blessings, none of the stress

I have been teaching a lot this month. Mostly in Grade 3 and Grade 7, but also Grade 5 and Grade 11. It has been wonderful. I get to teach these wonderful children without having to plan parent/teacher conferences, go to faculty meetings, or do hours and hours of prep.

As an experienced teacher I have lots of tricks up my sleeves, and the students know and respect me already so discipline is a non issue.

Oh the Grade 3's can be silly, and the Grade 7's loud and goofy in that teenagery kind of way, but God I love them. How can you not love a class that launches into songs from the Pirates of Penzance while solving Angle-Side-Angle problems?

I have been helping teach Geometry this past week. I was terrible at Geometry when I was in high school - but over my teaching career I have learned to love it with its orderliness, and magic.

It has been a good month. Except for a sore back, I am feeling very well, sleeping well, and enjoying life on these sunny autumn days. Life is moving along and I feel like I am moving along with it, or maybe even slightly ahead of it.

It is all good.

And I am thankful.

And at peace.

Thanks be to God, as my dear friend June would say.

Yes, Thanks be to God.

And, modern medicine.

And, talk therapy.

Thanks be indeed.

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