Thursday, March 27, 2014


I realized this morning as I was waking up and stretching that my arm is finally fully healed. I have been swimming for the past two weeks and it was feeling strong, but finally it fully extends when I am lying on my stomach without that weird bend it used to do. Happy? Yes, that makes me happy.
I feel like I am finally recovered from my sore feet, my broken arm, and my surgery. Finally.

I had tea with a dear friend yesterday and admitted to her that when things go wrong, as they often do, I feel so profoundly disappointed. More so than when I was younger. I think this is a feature of aging. There is only so much time left and I don't want to spend it being sick, or sore, or having truck problems (my latest disappointment).

However the truck problem seemed to have been an easy(?) fix and besides there are people experiencing much worse things than I am.

Mental health issues, health issues, relationship issues, money issues, work issues, family issues, all of which I am, for the moment, free of.


So I am going to enjoy that. For the time being. Head out for a walk to the library, meet up with my knitting friends tonight, run a few errands.

Because disappointment comes. It is always around the corner. But for today? Today I am not going to go looking for it.

And I will spend some time praying for those I love.

Because I can.

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