Wednesday, August 13, 2014

WIP Wednesday - Yes, I AM a math geek

I started these socks a week ago.

I started them despite the fact I have two other pairs of socks currently on the needles, AND, I was planning on finishing those for the 'finish your socks in August' challenge.

Oh well.

Back to my new best friends on the needles. They are called Euclid and are made by knitting triangles one at a time (each triangle contains three other triangles) and joining them as you go and VOILA! A sock will magically appear.

For those that don't know me very well, I have a slight problem with my left and right.

I mean I have a left and right, but I don't always know where they are in relation to me.

And visualising three dimensional ideas without having to sketch it out, or just see the darn pictures, is, well, impossible.

This is why I don't call my left/right issue dyslexia because dyslexics are really really good at that 3-D visualisation stuff.

Anyways, I digress.

Making these socks just seemed like something I was drawn to as soon as I heard about the triangle thing.

I wasn't a math whizz in high school (quite the opposite), but suddenly in university I was. And then once I started to teach math, even grade 7 and 8 math, even Euclidian geometry, I realized:

"I have got this".

So, yea, these socks had my name written all over it.

So, for WIP Wednesday, here are my Euclidian socks.

Both pairs done up to the heel tier. The pattern is actually very easy as long as you trust the pattern and don't try to visualise what the heck is going on.


Next week I will update you on how a heel shows up when you are only knitting triangles.

If I post a frustrated blog next week. Just remind me:


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