Friday, September 26, 2014

Fixing things

I know you knitters have all been there.

It is late, and you are almost finished a project.....but you continue past your best before date.

Then disaster strikes.

This would be a good time to put it down and just go to bed....

But noooooo.......

I can fix this.

And then, there it is - many rows of frogging, and a tangle of curly yarn.

It is ruined. It looks hopeless to fix. Argh!

But then in the light of day, after a semi good night sleep (ok, ok, and a nap) the task begins of straightening out the mess.

And it does get straigtened out.

Oh sure, there are a few twisted stiches, but all in all order is restored.

Just like life.

Sometimes life kicks you in the ass. And you try to fix it in the moment and it seems hopeless and just all too much.

And then, as my uncle would say, calmer heads prevail.

Maybe not the next day, maybe not for a long while, but in time, if there is a hopefulness, things can be fixed.

Maybe not fixed to the point of never having had happened, but fixed enough to go on.

This post isn't really about knitting at all, is it?

It started out that way, but now it is really about how we carry on in the face of bad news, broken hearts, ill health, and the myriad of crap life can throw at us.

We need to take time to cry, and wail, and gnash our teeth about the injustice of it all, but in the end we need to turn the light up a little brighter, put our glasses on, pick up the mess and start to work it through.

Oh yes, there will be twisted stitched along the way. But we should leave them in the finished product.

Because that is what makes us human.

Just don't give up.

Because giving up is giving into the lie that things can't be fixed. That things can't get better

And they can.

Maybe not in the way we want them to be, and maybe they can't be made flawless again.

But we can carry on.

And it is worth it.

Because life is worth it

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