Thursday, September 17, 2015

Facebook Status Updates – the truth, just not the whole truth. Like or Dislike?

Is it just me?

Does anyone else post humourous, light-hearted status updates when they are feeling anything but light-hearted?

Sometimes I do this and I feel like a fraud.

Other times I think along the lines of 'fake it 'til you make it', reminding me of that song from 'The King and I' –

“I Whistle a happy tune.
And every single time
The happiness of the tune
Convinces me that I'm
Not afraid.”

So maybe posting upbeat status updates is a way to convince myself that I am not in a funk, that I can find delight in everyday things.

Besides who would want to read gloomy status updates?

Not me.

When I do read these kind of updates, I want to spring into action and fix things for others.

My children, over the years, have had a habit of posting song lyrics as status updates.
Of course, being out of the loop of today's music, I didn't know they were song lyrics and sometimes they were so dire, and cryptic that I would launch into mama tiger mode.

“It's a song lyric Mum!”  texted with exasperation.

Oh, (shouldn't there be a disclaimer when one posts song lyrics like, how about, dwmiasl (don't worry mum it's a song lyric)?

Knowing it's a song lyric should calm the anxiety, but sometimes the lyrics are so dark that I just fret and wonder why that particular song lyric was chosen.


It's hard living inside my head.

I have heard that Facebook is going to instigate a 'dislike' button.

Sometimes I have wished for a 'dislike' button when someone posts something I want to empathise with. But I predict, as have others, that this is going to get ugly.

As a melancholic I know it will get ugly for me. What if I post a happy update and people start pressing the dislike button?

I am on and they have a 'disagree' button on their forums.

I had to disable seeing it – it made me crazy – not just the disagrees on things I posted, but the disagrees on things others had posted.

Perhaps if Mark Zuckerberg is reading this post (guffaw) he could consider allowing users to disable the dislike button.

Just a thought.

Oh, and Mark, if you are reading this, a share would be appreciated.

I would love a few more followers on this blog.

Status Update:

Camping in the HooDoos. Fog clearing to reveal blue, sunny skies. Sunset Tour with my hubby tonight. Doesn't get much better than this.

For Real.


  1. OMG Yes!!! It's like you're inside my head too. On occasion I have posted something honest about the black dog circling or falling into the black hole, and the only response has been a couple of people who pretend to be friends poking the like button without even thinking... So the dog bites and I fall further.
    That scenery is A-mazing! Wow Wow Wow
    I hope it's healing.

    1. it is, especially since today the sun came out in full force - heavenly!

    2. If someone posts something sad or difficult I cannot push the 'like' because I don't like it when friends are hurting but I will use the comment box to empathise and offer support. No need for a 'dislike' even thought the 'like' button may not always be appropriate. Why not just an 'acknowledge' button or a 'seen it' button? This is how many people use 'like'.

      With a 'dislike' button there is room to confuse the message with the person. Someone may push 'dislike' for all sorts of reasons - they may mean they 'dislike' someone is in pain and are offering sympathy, they may simply disagree with the statement but 'dislike' does not distinguish degrees.

      If someone wants to be a troll, they will whether there is a dislike button or not. Don't take it personally, Mary-Anne. Enjoy your travels in the real world. xx

    3. wise words you speak, and I agree that an acknowledge button would be a better choice than dislike. Thanks for reminding me of what I truly do know - don't take it personally - as my husband says - it is not all about you! (meaning me! ;) )

  2. I definitely agree a "seen it" or "read" button would be more helpful to at least show you've seen what someone has written and then comments can be used to show whether you agree/disagree/like/dislike the comment and why. Sometimes I don't have the time to leave comments but want the person to know I've dropped by but it's not always appropriate to just "like" the post. Especially if it's sad. I don't tend to put much on facebook relating to my mental status (or anything else come to that) but use my blog for letting of steam etc.
    Glad to see you are having a relaxing time. Enjoy it!

    1. I am! Thanks for reading and commenting. It is great to hear everyone's thoughts on this.

  3. Glad to read you again. I can take the disagree button; the one that drives me up the wall is the interesting button, as I immediately think it was pushed in a sarcastic manner.

    1. Oh, yes, I forgot about the interesting button - I agree with you I think it can be meant sarcastically too.

  4. I agree with you here. I only change my status on the odd occasion, but would be gutted and take it very personally if anyone pressed the 'dislike' button.
    I agree, things are going to get ugly!
    I am so glad that you and hubby are having great weather and a wonderful time. :-)

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  6. Hi Mary-Anne, Here is a little challenge for you if you want to have a go.


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