Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Waking up from a dream

It was one of those awful early morning dreams: conflict, misunderstanding, loss, sadness.....

and then a knock on our camper door.

Two little girls, four and seven, scampered in, chattering away, shaking off winter boots, crawling up onto the bed with me.

My eyes opened to their smiling faces, their questions, their simplicity, their innocence.

The dream tried to linger with me.

The seven year old said I had tears in my eyes.

"Just morning tears", I assured her as I tussled her hair.

The dream tried once more.

But there, on that bed, that morning, there was only love, and happiness, and innocence, and questions.

Lots of questions.

And playing with the fan and the lights.

And coffee (for me).

And cookies (for them).

It is my favourite way to be woken up.

I look forward to more mornings just like them.


  1. I was just woken, after a fitful night brought on by an ugly family argument, by the cat barking in my ear. I think her bowl must need attention. Giggles and cuddles would lift my spirit so much more. But failing that, I have your gorgeous post to shoo away the ugly images.

  2. Bless the little ones for brightening your morning and sweeping away the darkness of the night before.


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