Sunday, May 7, 2017

Yopping Week 45 - sewing things together


The Elizabeth Zimmerman sweater is done - ends sewn in, buttons on and shoulder seams sewn. I am very very happy with the fit and reminding myself that trusting the pattern indeed works.

and no, it isn't blocked yet, because, well, I am avoiding that at the moment.

I was planning to lengthen the sleeves but I finished all the stash yarn I had for this project. At one point last Sunday I had decided to go to my local yarn store and buy five different colours of worsted to add to the sleeves, but as I walked there calmer heads prevailed (as my uncle would say), and I realized how silly it was to buy yarn for a stash sweater. If I want to add longer sleeves in the future with some leftover yarn from other projects that is always an option. I have worn the sweater out on two occasions and received nice compliments and I am liking the sleeves just the way they are.

I did get the baby blanket seamed with nice flat seems after relying on YouTube tutorials to help me out. I ended up seaming loop to loop and not loop to knot because I like the way it lies better.

I started the edging and got about 1/3 of the way done (30 twelve row repeats) and realized it was pulling funny because I was attaching every row to the main blanket rather that every other row. So I ripped out 355 rows of edging and began again and I am much happier with my progress.

Blocking this baby blanket will be a trial but I am loving how it is turning out and it will be so worth it. (And probably once I start blocking it the EZ sweater will follow suit. I like to block en masse because I think misery does love company).

I am using pins to mark the stitches that have to be picked up and to keep myself on track with the twelve repeat pattern. So far so good.

I am a bit nervous that I am seriously playing yarn chicken with this border because I figure I need 77 gms and 77 gms is what I have....sooooooo.....fingers crossed (and toes too). I am also a bit at a loss about the corners - the tutorials say to short row the pattern to add ease around the corners but that seems very vague at this point. Hopefully I will intuit something by the time I get to the first corner.

I did start the Dizzy sweater by Holli Yeoh because I serendipitously found another ball of yarn at my local yarn store that is pretty close to a perfect match. It has a interesting rolled hem after the ribbing. Cute, eh?

And, I started another pair of socks for hubby, because I went to a candidate meeting and needed something mindless to knit. Here I am ready for the heel but waiting till I knit the 2nd sock this far.

So that is my update - I won't be tackling anything this week except the baby blanket border.

And then I want to get back to my Iona. It is calling to me, and feeling very left out these days.

Happy Yopping everyone. My goodness the time is flying by - July will be here before we know it!


  1. Your sweater is lovely and the blanket is very similar to the one I'm about 3/5ths done.

  2. I'm impressed with how nice that sweater looks unblocked! It looks like it fits you perfectly, Mary-Anne. And wow - look at all those stitch markers on that blanket! It's beautiful, but boy does it look hard. A real labor of love that one is.

  3. Yowza! You go on that baby blanket border. Your new cardigan is great; it's so interesting to the eye.

  4. I just lost a long comment....twice today....suffice it to say I love all your projects but that baby blanket should get an award!

  5. I really really like the sweater just as it is... it is so pretty and fits you really nicely....

    What does it mean to block It?? Isn't it done?

  6. The surprise sweater is gorgeous. I've done it baby sized and would like to do an adult version, but I haven't wanted to invest in new yarn. Your stash reduction is inspiring. I may need to assess my own backlog and try to work it into a jacket. Hmmm...


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