Sunday, June 11, 2017

Yopping Update number 50!!

Well I am pleased to announce the completed Dizzy sweater modeled by my dear little blue bear.

and another with Otis doing his best photobomb imitation:

And, no, it isn't blocked yet, but I will....eventually. I think blue bear is going to wear it for a while as is.

And while blue bear was in the mood for trying on things, here is the child's hat I made out of the leftovers from my slouchy hat. It incorporated two different patterns to make this - Mountain Nights and Wurm

and I had to take this top down photo because I really like how the top of the hat looks:

I finished the work socks for my dh. These were made with a lovely homespun from a friend who raises her own shetland sheep. They will be given to him for Father's Day, so shhhhhh, no giving away the secret.

Because of his giant hobbit feet (sans the hair) I had to finish the toes with some leftover Spud and Chloe I had in my remnants basket.

I did finish another Iona square and I am about 1/4 way done on number 10. Only 25 and 1/2 more to go! (This blanket will be number one on my list for the next Year of Projects that starts in three weeks!)

My sister scored me some Patons Kroy sock yarn at the free store on her little island. I will make yet another pair of Tibetan socks with the Red, and I am going to make the Double Heelix with the Grey and Blue. I have had this pattern for ages and I have decided no time like the present to learn something new.

I wish I could report that my anxiety is improving, but alas, no. I have a doctor appointment on Tuesday to discuss how the medication change is working (not) and hopefully he will have some suggestions.

I have been meditating everyday, and thanks to some inspiration from my sister I have been de-cluttering my bedroom and getting some books and clothes ready to send off to good will.

My three honourary grand-daughters are visiting later today and I know their snuggles will help.

Also it is game six of the Stanley Cup tonight , and I, ever the optimist, am rooting for the underdog. Go Nashville Go!

Okay, two more weeks and I will have posted every week on the challenge.

Now, I have to start making my list for next year....

Happy Yopping everyone!


  1. I hope it goes well at the doctor and you can get some relief from it. I have several friends who deal with anxiety and it is not fun. Looks like you have some good plans for the day!

    1. Not fun at all, but cuddling with the little girls was definitely a plus.

  2. That sweater is so cute. I had no idea it was so tiny! How adorable blue bear is modeling it. And the hat is cute. I checked out the pattern for the Mountain Nights hat and I have reminded myself that a knit in the round hat is really the next level I need to achieve in knitting. It does not look hard - and surely I can find a video tutorial, even (not this pattern, but another, surely.. Also... I love the Wurm hat. :)

    1. The sweater has a 24 inch chest so I think it is about a 12 month size.
      Knitting in the round is easy because you don't have to purl to get the stockinette stitch. You will love it.

  3. The sweater is adorable. Looks very smart on blue bear. Nice hat too. Like the way you worked 2 patterns together to get the perfect hat. I hope you get anxiety relief soon. I suffered from it years ago and it is one of the worse things I ever went thru. Luckily, I no longer have the issue thanks to identifying triggers and working thru them. My son now suffers from it too.

    1. Yes, my son does too, and I am sad it is something I may have passed on to him.

  4. I hope the trip to the doctor was successful.
    I love your model! The socks look great.

    1. we shall see - a new medication to try for two weeks.
      Ya, I am kinda attached to that model. I have had him for about 29 years!


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