Sunday, February 20, 2011

my life the movie

So, if they made my life into a movie, who would play me? Who would play all the people in my life?

Ellen Burstyn comes to mind for me. Kathy Bates for my dear sister. Kevin Bacon for my older brother. Ellen Page for my daughter. Emile Hirsch for my son. Richard Gere for my husband (Jerry Garcia is a better choice, but he is no longer available, so, hey, why not Richard?). Julia Roberts and Vanessa Redgrave for my two good friends. Kevin Spacey for my younger brother... well you get the idea.

What would a movie about my life focus on? Me, the teacher? Me, the mother? Me, the wife? Actually I think I wouldn't be the focus of my own movie, but more that background character, the lead character's friend that gets the call to come watch the kids, or make tea, or just listen.. while the lead character goes and refinishes the villa in Tuscany, or has the weekend affair.....

I do think, if I was to star in my own move, it would be an Eat, Pray, Love kind of thing......I could see me doing the ashram thing, the convent thing, the camino maybe my movie would be: Yoga, Silence, Meditate. Or Walk, Swim, Sleep.

So, yes, Ellen Burstyn. Or, Joanne Woodward.

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