Saturday, February 5, 2011

walking the hill

Whose idea was this? Every school day morning I take my class of 12/13 year olds out for a 2km walk, the first half is up a very steep hill. Every morning. Rain or shine. Snow, or even occasionally sun. Every day I hear: Do we have to? Can't we just skip it today? It's really rainy out! (And that is just my inner voice before I get to school).

And yes, we have to. Why? Because I said so. And we are off.....

It is hard. Hauling myself up this hill is hard. Every day it is hard. But, I do it, because I have promised myself to be standing on top of the Stawamus Chief with my class in June. If I say things out loud and to enough people then I have to do it. So I do. Everyday.

I did the Chief 18 months ago with my son, on a whim. He was bored. We were camping close to the chief. Can I do it? Sure, mom, come on.....

The story of that climb is another story. One a might blog here one day, but suffice to say...I did it! I stood on top of that mountain, and looked over the view of the Sound and hugged my son, and wept. And my second thought cool to bring my class up here.

So, we are walking. ok, truthfully, 4 of them are running. And you know the funny thing. They are alot nicer to teach since they started walking. They are more respectful, funnier, just down-right more enjoyable to be around.

Oh, wait, I think that's me.

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