Sunday, April 17, 2011

just write something, damn it!

Sometimes I find myself aimlessly checking my email account. Nothing. Checking facebook. Nothing new. Checking friends' blogs. Perusing. Then realizing, I am meant to blog myself. So what am I waiting for?

Waiting for inspiration? Waiting until I have something brilliant to say? Waiting to see if the angst will subside and the humour will rise?

So, with nothing particular to say I will blither (blother?) on.

I went camping this weekend. I was having a very low day on Friday, and finding myself in the bathtub (again) I heard Brian come home.

Me: (pathetically) Do you want to go camping?

Him: (hesitantly) Ya, we can do that.

So, an hour later, there we were at our favourite spot. Of course it is less favourite in the spring and summer because there are lots of campers, and all the ocean front spots are taken by the new reservation rules. Never - the - less, there we were.

My dear husband got it into his head that heading to the nearest town/bar to watch the hockey game would be fun. Fun? I grumbled, thinking, how fun will a noisy, crowded Friday night bar be. Well, as it turned out, alot! So we had fun, and then headed back for a campfire before bed.

As often happens when I am 'low' we got into a bit of a squabble around that campfire. After 35 years together our squabbles seem to often centre around certain themes. This was the 'we can never plan anything' theme. It's true. We can't. Yet, it seemed hopeless to discuss it so late when I was already feeling so vulnerable.

So, off to bed in my cozy camper. And the day dawned, the birds were out enmasse and coffee around the morning campfire was perfect and comforting.

We invited some friends up for dinner and a campfire and headed to town to buy steaks. (Well, the husband was in charge of the steaks as I headed to the wool store to cheer myself up!).

Thy day threatened rain and sun throughout, but by the time our friends arrived the fire was going and the steaks ready to cook. It was a lovely evening. They are newish friends, but very good company, and the four of us are able to talk and laugh comfortably. That is a very good thing.

This morning the sky was blue, the birds were out, and the coffee was delicious as we sat on the edge of the beach.

Home by 12:30, a fabulous shower, and now awaiting the next canucks game. Due to my severely failing eyesight I can't actually 'see', the game, but I knit, and cheer as I listen to the announcers and all their endless stats.

Tomorrow we will start to pack for our trip out east. I can't wait to see our girl - all grown up and graduating from university.

Tomorrow I will start to fret about the packing, and the travelling, but once I am on the plane it will all be fine. It always is.

So, you see? Nothing spectacular here. This is my life. Not spectacular, but comfortable, and comforting.

Oh, and also, by the way, for those of you reading this, for those of you in my life - thank you. Thank you for your friendship, your teasing, your laughter, and your conversation. Even if it is occasional, or 'only' on facebook. It's important to me. This feeling of connection is important.

I am a lucky person. I am grateful for all the people in my life.

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  1. Have a fantastic trip and bask in the glory of your daughter's achievement!


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