Thursday, September 22, 2011


Learning to Fall. I read this book soon after I was diagnosed with Leukemia. Learning to Fall. Quite a different experience than learning to walk. Although, learning to walk does involve learning to fall. Learning to Fall is about letting go. Learning to Fall is one of the first lessons when you learn to down hill ski. Learn to Fall so you don't hurt yourself. Learning to walk involves throwing yourself off balance and then catching your balance. Learning to Fall involves letting go and believing you will be caught. Sometimes you are caught by the ground, sometimes by loving arms, sometimes by a stranger. Learning to Fall means trusting that someone, or something will catch you.

Learning to Fall means learning to live with Grace, and Faith, and the belief that it will all be okay.

It will all be okay. It has to be.

So today, was a good day. I had a lovely cup of tea with some colleagues in the middle of a potentially stressful day. I shared dinner and a glass of wine with a friend of mine whose life has changed and possibilities are endless. I painted dragons with my class. I tilted at windmills. I had my buddha seat today. I don't always have that, but today I did.

And at the end of it, I read the blog about a mother grieving for her child. No mother or father should have to grieve for their dead child. It is not the way it is supposed to be. And yet, sometimes the way it is supposed to be is not the way it is.

So my friend, too, is learning to fall. She knows there are loving arms to catch her before she hits the ground, and she knows that if those arms should fail, there are others to pick her up.

Learning to Fall. September 22, 2011. First day of Fall.


  1. As you said, Faith and Grace - this is what gets us through. Thanks for being a pair of arms for me :)

  2. and thank you, Vera, for being there for me, too!


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