Friday, November 18, 2011

restless legs

I think I have developed restless leg syndrome.  I have always had, what some affectionately call, dancing feet.  My feet are always on the move - it sometimes drives my husband nuts.  But lately, since September, I have noticed this crawly, gripping, annoying weird feeling in my lower legs that demands I move them, stretch them, or shake them out.  It's an awful feeling.  It is a feeling that I used to only get on long drives, or long airplane rides, when I was really, really tired.  Now, I get it all the time.  Well, not all the time - but all the time in the evening and when I go to bed at night. 

I have 'googled' it, and it seems that they, the infamous they, don't really know what causes it.  It is probably fatigue, or lack of some vitamin or other.  I am taking lots of supplements these days, and they are helping with my energy level and mood, and I have a new migraine remedy that seems to be working - I haven't had one for a couple of weeks now.  But this leg thing is kind of crazy making.  It is like I have bugs crawling up and down the inside of my skin.  Ick!

So, what is the metaphor for this.  Time to move on?  This is my last year teaching full time - at least that is what I keep telling everyone - and it certainly is my last year for a while, a year or two at least.  My husband and I are cleaning out the 'stuff' of 30 years and thinking of putting our house up for sale - so moving on in more ways then one. 

I am working on my bucket list - I have added calculus to it.  And selling my stamp collection (maybe I am a millionaire and I don't even know it).

So restless legs, yeah, it's trying to tell me something.  Maybe it has something to do with the pilgrimage I want to do on the Camino?  I am worried that with the new movie that is out, The Way, the journey will be filled with people trying to 'conquer' the distance.  Why do I care?  I will be doing it for my own reasons, and others for there's.  Sometimes I can be so judgemental.   I have to work on that.

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  1. My close friend in Ontario is setting out on the Camino in September. She has a blog about her preparations.
    Moving on is always better than getting stuck in a rut - not more comfortable, but better.


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