Saturday, May 19, 2012

Is this what retirement looks like?

It is funny how on a long weekend that gives me an extra day I often choose to do housework on my extra day. So today I cleaned out the kitchen garbage can, sorted through all my teaching files, did the laundry, vacuumed, cleaned the bathroom, dusted, did dishes, made my bed, sorted books on my book shelf, and put my jade plants outside on the back porch for the summer.

My husband worked on cleaning the bar b que, and later went out to get a few groceries. I spent some time reading on the porch, doing my saturday crossword, and put on some potatoes for home made potato salad.

We had a lovely dinner of steak and prawns, greek salad and potato salad with my granny's mayonaise. We had wine, and even a candle on the table.

Then a long luxurious bath, and now I am settled on the couch (a little sun-kissed) to watch a movie and work on a lace scarf I am knitting and would like to finish in time for my class's graduation in a few weeks.

Just a lovely, busy, lazy day. I realize, yet again, that when I am not overwhelmed with prep and school issues, I like a tidy house, with flowers on the balcony, and a made bed.

A peek into my future.

Not so shabby.

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  1. I love how you're able to look at the everyday moments of life in general and at the everyday moments of your life in particular and touch readers at soul-level. The word that comes to me is 'grace'. That you have a gift of writing is a given. That you have a gift of being vulnerable in your writing is a given. That you use/combine both gifts is grace, pure and simple.

    And yes, what you experienced today is a glimpse into the future and it too, is grace, plain and simple. :-)


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