Saturday, September 1, 2012

Because I Love You

My Dad
William Donald Burton
January 15, 1924 - September 1, 1973

And so it is September 1st once again. Funny how it comes around every year around this time. Usually I am busy getting ready for school. But not this year. This year I can just spend it wrapped in his memory.

Sometimes I wonder. What is the point? What was the point? Why was his destiny to only be here a short time? He left behind six children, and 10 grandchildren, and now 4 great grand children....and so it goes.

He worked hard. He had his demons. We all do.

But still, and all, I wish he had stayed longer. To share in my life, my children's lives, the lives of all his children, and grand-children, and great grand children.

He would have liked that.

I would have liked that.

He was my father for almost 18 years in this physical world. He has been my father in my heart for almost 57.

And yes, I still miss him.

Every day.

This one's for you, Dad. Because I Love You.

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