Monday, September 10, 2012

Could be a metaphor for my life right now

I have dancing feet. My feet are never still. My husband often comments about this. Even when he thinks I am sleeping, my feet are in motion.

Since April 1 I have been suffering from plantar fasciitis in both feet. Both feet. So I have new orthotics, new shoes, new exercises to do, and orders to rest my feet.

Did I mention I have dancing feet?

So last week, I also bought night splints to try to speed up this healing process. Have I mentions that I am not a patient person?

So, now, here we have a person with dancing feet, and restless legs, having to wear very movement constraining splints to sleep. WTH?

Sometimes I think I will go mad. I am very sleepy, my legs are very jumpy, and I feel like I am in a coffin from the knees down.

So far I have only managed one night all through - usually I tear them off sometime around 3am. Some nights, like last night, I finally took them off because I had tried valiantly to sleep for 2 hours and it clearly wasn't going to happen. (I also took 3 Taurine tablets, but that is another story.....)

So, as the title says, a metaphor for my life. I want to be doing things as a newly retired person - things that include being on my feet - and I can't. I just can't.

It is hard to silence those dancing feet.

I did go to church yesterday - and sat when others were standing - but it helped. It helped because as usual every hymn, every reading, every word spoken was something I needed to hear.

We all have our constraints. All of us. Mine is far less serious than many many people in, and out, of my life.

There is a lesson here for this woman with her dancing feet. I hope she takes advantage of the time, and listens carefully for the lesson.

There is always a lesson.

And, swimming.

There is always swimming.

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