Friday, September 27, 2013

Sometimes you have to ask.

So I have solved the three issues in my previous post. The woman whose class I wanted to take is offering an on-line class that I got on special for 9.99! I have taken these on-line classes before (Craftsy) and they are very good, and in-depth, and I can go back to them whenever I want. So that is good.
Then I talked to the choir director and found out I can join for the 'faculty' price of $50.00.
Then I saw the organizer of the conference and she told me to just pay what I could because she was delighted I wanted to come and participate.
Wow! I just had to ask.
I just had to ask.

I also learned today that I just have to be honest about who I am and what my challenges are. A woman I have known for a few years was surprised to learn that I suffer from depression. It is not something I share very often to anyone but close friends and family. I don't think that serves me well. The love and support I got today was, well, very supportive, and loving and helpful.

My sister reminded me that she and I had made a promise. To tell each other the truth about what was going on with our health as we journey this life together.

I forgot that promise.

She reminded me.

I hope to not break that promise again.

So the lesson for this week. Sometimes you have to ask. Sometimes you have to tell.

Always you have to trust that the support you need is there.

But you have to reach out.

You have to ask.

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