Wednesday, July 30, 2014

The birds' garden

About 18 months ago we installed a bird feeder. It has been a delight for us watching the birds change with the seasons, getting to know what they are and their quirky little personalities.

This past spring I decided to plant a garden on the back deck. I planted six boxes of flowers and herbs. I noticed two plants coming up that I hadn't planted. One clearly looked like a sunflower. The other also looked sunflowerish. I figure the birds had dropped some seeds in the box on their way to and from the feeder. Quite clever, actually, as they are ensuring their food for next winter.

I have been tending them all summer. The sunflower is putting out many heads and happily following the sun.

However, the little plant seemed dwarfed, stalled if you will. Until yesterday I noticed this:

So is it a pumpkin? A cucumber? A zucchini?

I guess time will tell.

Those bird gardeners are pretty funny. I am glad they felt at home enough to start prettying up the place.

They will get all the seeds. I promise.


  1. Such thoughtful birds you have.

    1. I know, right? Plus they are industrious.

  2. Hubs LOVES the birds in the backyard. We have an obsessive number of feeders..but it's always entertaining.

  3. definitely entertaining Michelle...and educational...we have four, count em, four bird identification books on the kitchen table at all times and two sets of binoculars. we are such dorks!


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