Saturday, July 12, 2014

What's that?

Ah! The question of the young child. The curiosity that overwhelms them. The newness of it all. To look at the world as a young child is a gift. This post is inspired by a friend's blog question. What's that - a drawing challenge. She is an artist. I have known her for at least forty years. We met in high school. We were roommates years upon years ago. She is a talented artist. She has the greatest laugh. Check out her blog here carolereidartist.

I am an artist too. But it is different. I knit, I photograph, I write. Sometimes I paint, and sometimes I like what I paint, but not always. It is getting better in that regard. But mostly I write.

What's That?

That is a fuchsia. I am growing these in a planter on my backporch. The hummingbirds love it. And, well, hummingbirds and I have a connection.

My tattoo! My hummingbird is always with me. She is my totem, my reminder of the fragility and beauty of my life.

These are my latest project, hot off the needles. They are called Dazzle them from Behind and are dedicated to the designer's greataunt and to women who are quiet and in the shadows of everyday life. Her aunt would say: "when you walk away leave them with something to think about."

So that was the plan for this post, those three things.

And then this showed up last night at my house.

It was the garter I wore on my wedding day...."something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue". Our best man caught it. Thirty-seven years later he showed up at our house for dinner and ta-da! He had found it while moving. Imagine. It looks like new.

And Carole was at our wedding too.

It seems perfect to answer her blog challenge with that garter.

What's That?

It is the beginning of a story still being written.


  1. Oh my gosh Mary-Anne..... your'e right..... it's been 40yrs! I'm so glad to know you've enjoyed this Drawing Challenge. It's been wonderful going back in time with you. That garter is so from the 70s! xo Carole

  2. Oh i love this you have connected so many things in your life.....& connected them in the end back to your close friendship of so many years.....beautiful!

  3. Oh wow, that's totally cool. I have a late 1800 book in which someone pressed a gardenia with ribbons which tie around the wrist. You know the kind? I wonder who put them there. Nicely done. :D

  4. lovely to have these glimpses.

    such beautiful socks, i love the idea behind them.

    long time friends are treasures, i feel.

    how fun that your best man is also in your life.

  5. well.. those kind words that i find here on your blogpost. so lovely to meet you, and i can only imagine what carole's laughter sounds like, but i sort of can hear it in your words. thank you for sharing these lovely, lovely trinkets of life. the idea of the socks and the softness for the idea behind these, of making the everyday into something to bemuse. and what a surprise for that garter! such is life, after all, it seems; surprising, to say the least

  6. How nice to have always the companionship of a hummingbird.eric

  7. such a lovely post
    about a long lasting friendship
    thanks for sharing!

    Patrice A.


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