Wednesday, October 21, 2015

HodgePodge - Back to the Future

1. October 21, 2015 is Back to the Future Day. Did you see the movie? The sequels? In the second film, Doc takes Marty into the future to prevent Marty's future son from making a mistake. They leave 1985 and land on a 'skyway' on October 21st, 2015. So tell us, what were you doing in the fall of 1985?

Well that is easy. I was home with my newborn son. I had just turned 30 and life was so very good.
Oh, and I did see all the movies - but the first was my favourite by far. I love Michael J. Fox!

2. If time travel were possible, would you want to go to the future? The past?

I would like to time travel to the past. To the time when my father was still alive. I know, I know, I would have to be careful about the whole time/space continuum issue - but it would be great to hear his voice again.

3. We're not flying cars, but some of the technology imagined in the 80's film has indeed come to pass in real life 2015-flat screen TVs on the wall, tablets, fingerprint recognition, video conferencing, online banking, 3-D movies, motion controlled video games, drone cameras, and smart glasses (Google glass). Do you worry technology is growing at a rate so fast we'll soon be unable to keep up with it's demands? Do you think the Internet does more harm than good?

I think technology is a two-edged sword. So many things are wonderful and advantageous, like cell phones, skype, on-line banking, but I am worried about the drone technology and also about how technology often takes the place of face to face communication. I think the internet, if used wisely, is awesome and as a teacher it was so great for doing lesson research.

4. Your favorite dish prepared in a slow-cooker? Your favorite fast food?

My favourite dish prepared in a slow-cooker is meat stew. I love setting it all up and then coming home hours later and the house smells so good. My favourite fast food is definitely sushi - rainbow roll is my go-to take-out!

5. No time like the present, down time, face time, pressed for time, in the nick of time, make time, mark time, or just in time...which timely saying most relates to your life right now?

I love the book Momo and the Grey Gentlemen by Michael Ende and all of the things it says about time and how we use it. My favourite expression about time comes from a teacher who told us 'Nobody has enough time, you have to make time'.

6. Tell us about a place you went as a child or younger person that's no longer there or is now something else. How does that make you feel?

When I was a child my family had property on Bowen Island, specifically on Bowen Bay. Across from the bay there was a wonderful undeveloped point that we would hike along and play in. Now it is a huge housing development. I can't go there anymore because it makes me too sad. I loved the rocky beach, the arbutus trees and have so many memories of adventures there with my brothers and sisters.

7. Describe your comfort zone.

My comfort zone - oh, my, as someone who can suffer from anxiety that is a tough one, but clearly I am most comfortable surrounded my family and good friends doing what I feel confident doing like teaching, knitting, swimming, going to yoga and camping. I am definitely a homebody but I can be comfortable travelling if I have the right companion and don't feel rushed.

8. Insert your own random thought here.
Since we are talking about the future, I am planning on living until at least 100. That gives me a good solid forty years to work with.

Thanks as always to Joyce for hosting HodgePodge. Check other Hodgepodgers here.


  1. Time is a funny thing, and I think that saying rings true. I look forward to stew in my crock pot this winter too. I think walking in to the aroma of a home cooked meal all ready to go is the best thing about slow cooking.


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