Saturday, October 10, 2015

Three Day Quote Challenge - Day Two - Home

Home is the place where, when you have to go there, they have to take you in. Robert Frost

I don't remember when I first heard this quote, but I was in my late teens, and it resonated so strongly with me then, and still does to this day.

Sometimes we treat our families like we would never treat a stranger.

I don't know if it is because of familiarity, or just because we know that even when those who love us see us at our worst they somehow, usually, can find the way to forgive us and let us back in.

And now I realize I am writing using 'we' instead of 'I'.

Because it is painful to admit that I have not always treated family as I should.

I have not answered the phone.

I have not returned a call.

I have said mean things.

I have doubted.

I have ignored.

I have been selfish.

I have

been human.

But always, when I extend the olive branch, or turn to really look and listen and hear the other it has been welcomed and accepted.


Once when I had had a very painful exchange with a family member a colleague at work could sense my sadness and upset. He said families can give us the greatest joys, and the most painful struggles.

I am thankful that through it all I know they are always there for me.

And when I come to their door I am so grateful that they let me in.

That they let me come home.


  1. You and your family are lucky to have each other and the wisdom that allows love to overcome your differences xx

    1. it is a journey, and one I am glad to have the companions with me that I do.

  2. I like your honesty. We are all human. We do make mistakes. The important thing is being able to recognise that :)

    1. Yes, forgiveness cannot happen without acknowledgement of our part in it all.

  3. I have a brother who would disagree with Robert Frost... sadly, he's a door closer... He kills people... And his wife ( second wife) went 7 years without speaking to her son, so she's in the same sad camp...

    1. ...more about me...
      sorry... I should be responding to YOU
      You are fabulously wonderfully human.

    2. Don't apologize about commenting about yourself - I like hearing how my posts resonate with others. Sadly I have family members who haven't spoken in years - for me, door closing hurts the closer just as much as the closee ( ok that isn't a word, but you get my drift).


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