Monday, December 21, 2015

One day at a time

The groceries are purchased.  The propane tanks are full.

The winter clothes are in the camper, along with my long johns.

We will start our journey today, hoping for clear roads in both the metaphorical and real sense.

Christmas is coming.  It always comes despite what life throws at us. 

This is why I believe in Christmas, and Santa Claus.  Because even when you can't imagine it will all happen, it does anyways.

The solstice is upon us.  Some say today, some say tomorrow.  Whatever it is, the days will start getting longer again, and that is a good thing. 

I have added a new gadget to my blog which you will find on the right hand side called featured post. 

I wrote The moment of birth three years ago on the solstice of a particularly difficult Christmas season. 

I think it is just as relevant today.

I wish all my readers a peaceful solstice, and if Christmas is your holiday I wish you a Christmas full of blessings. 

One road at a time.

I can do this.

We can do this.


  1. I hope the journey is smooth and your Christmas is peaceful and yes hurray, the days will be getting longer. Take care

    1. the journey was smooth. and yes, the days are getting longer.

  2. May there be many smiles and hugs both along the way and at your destination. Tee gee... Long johns... We have no need of such things ... It's gonna be a warm 33 for Christmas ....

    1. minus 17C last night - brrrrr. It was a balmy minus 8 today.
      We arrived safely at our son's and it is so good to be here.

  3. hope you will have the most peaceful journey possible.

    1. the roads were good and we arrived safely at our destination. I am in need of a good sleep, but I think peace will come in time. There is always time.

  4. Wishing you love through the joy of family this holiday season.


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