Saturday, January 16, 2016


I am pleased to participate in another drawing (artistic) challenge.  Since I don't draw  very well these dear artists let me draw with my words.  Veronica threw down this challenge - Rhythm. Go to her blog to check out the other entrants.  They are all incredible artists in every sense of the word.


The Rhythm of my breath
as I lie in Shavasana
as I mimic the dead
a breathing corpse.

The Rhythm of your breath
as you sleep beside me
my fear that I will awake
and the rhythm will no longer be there.

The Rhythm of my strokes
as I swim for my life
as I kick in rhythm
to the beating of my heart.

The Rhythm of the rain
drumming on the roof
of a camper that shields me
from the storms outside.

The Rhythm of the music
resounding in my heart
the songs you once sang for me
echoing in the silence.

The Rhythm of my walk
through the cedars and the ferns
reminding me of this journey
I will see through to the end.


  1. You paint such a vivid picture :-)

  2. Gal. You got rhythm. Great way to share it.

  3. lovely
    so many rhythms in our lives

  4. The rhythm of your breathing caught my breath today Mary-Anne. xo

  5. I especially love that you made Rhythm a proper noun.. Gorgeous

  6. love your words
    and rhythm
    thank you!!
    and for your sweet comment

  7. a most pleasing connection. our daily rhythms.... n♥

  8. That's lovely! I'm right there beside you from breathing in Shavasana to the fern and damp moss forest. It's been a bit difficult for me to still my mind lately, and especially when I'm in Shavasana. Clearly I don't have my rhythm yet, but I'll think of the fern forest at class tomorrow.

  9. rhythm and rhyme. love the rhythm of words. and your words create pictures. beautiful.

  10. love your words.

    my fear that I will awake
    and the rhythm will no longer be there.

    This resonated with me.


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