Friday, June 10, 2016

I can see!

Eye surgery went so well. I can see again and everything is very bright.

On the downside, I can also see how dirty the bathroom floor is. (I'll deal with that later...maybe Sunday).

Thank you for all the prayers and positive thoughts. They obviously worked.

I can read without glasses again, and the television guide is readable once more.

Sight is awesome.

And, I finished by test-knit last night so had to take a picture with himself.

He looks pissed and as soon as I took the picture he left the couch in a huff.

Some cats like to photobomb knitter's photographs.

But not Otis.

He is too cool for such shenanigans.


  1. Love those socks... Test knit a success like eyeball rejuvenation... Yay...
    Otis has old school rockstar need for social media frivolity

  2. Pretty socks! Glad your surgery went well. Hope you're all healed quickly!

    1. I think I am healing well. I went for a mile swim the next day!

  3. So pleased for you it must make such a difference, although you seemed to be knitting pretty well before. Cute cat.

  4. luckily I can knit without looking! Reading the patterns was becoming quite a problem, but no more. Thx for the comment on the cat. I'll pass it on to him!

  5. Replies
    1. thank you! and now are you? Looking forward to your next post.

  6. Hooray! I'm glad all went well. Celebrations! Do I detect a new sense of vigor between the lines after the surgical success? What do you have your sights set on first? ;-)

    BTW I couldn't work out why your cat would be drunk (pissed) until I realised that you people on your continent have a different vernacular. Did you mean Otis was angry or annoyed (pissed off)? Thanks for the bemusement - I was wondering what you had been feeding Otis for a moment! hehehe

    Have a happy time :-)
    Cheers, Jodie

    1. lol that's funny. No, Otis is sober, just annoyed!


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