Sunday, January 1, 2017

Happy New Year

Here it is. January 1st. Update for week 27 - Year of Projects.

I am up early, watching the sun rise over the snow covered trees. It snowed all day yesterday and it is so incredibly beautiful outside my window.

I finished 2016 with three wips still on the needles, and so many plans for the next six months of this yopping/blogging challenge.

The Runar hat designed by Lucy Hague

The Younger Futhark runes spell out, in Old Norse, ‘Þórr vígi, Þórr síði’ (May Thor bless, May Thor protect).

Since my dh and I are such big fans of the Viking series this beanie seemed perfect for me to wear while winter camping. I have used alpaca from my stash and it is going to be very warm.

I have finished the lining and the runes and so it will be easy (netflix) knitting to complete the body and decrease of the hat.

The Uncia Hap also designed by Lucy Hague.

This pattern takes ALL my concentration but I have finished Chart B. On Friday I spent about three hours knitting, then tinking and then knitting again two rows. Thank goodness for lifelines is all I can say. If the house is quiet and I have no interruptions I can make pretty good progress. After I finish posting this I will start on Chart C (the third of eight charts) before my husband wakes up. Wish me luck.

I started a peace cowl and knit four rows (one repeat) every day. I finished my fourth repeat just before midnight last night. I am using some beautiful BFL left over from a shawl I knit last year and it is going to be lovely.

My first time doing an i-cord cast-on and I love the look of it.

So, here I sit, the candles of my carousel are lit

The unicorn is nestled among the Advent Wreath

and the view outside is just getting better and better.

May the rest of 2017 be as peaceful and beautiful as these first few minutes.
And may we all have time
and love
and hope.


  1. Your view is lovely. How I miss the snow and the 'quiet' that comes with it. Congrats on the finished items. I really like the color of the peace cowl.

  2. lol. They aren't finished yet....but soon I hope.

  3. Stunning view... I have walls...

    1. Yes, but once outside those walls you have LONDON!

  4. Beautiful view and great hats! I'm still working on my peace cowl too.

    1. I have decided to always have a peace cowl going this year. Those four rows a day are very meditative.

  5. That is a fabulous view from your window, all crisp and white and new (and brrrrrr!). Love your coloured lights too.
    Camping in winter, what! Are you mad woman?

    1. I probably am mad - but we camp in a camper so there is a furnace....I am not totally crazy!

  6. Very pretty view but must be very cold. And winter camping. I agree with Cyra, you must be mad.

  7. Oooh... that view of snow covered trees is just wonderful. Lovely projects you've begun and lovely pictures of Christmas. :)

  8. Lovely hats and your peace cowl does look gorgeous - and very attainable at four rows a day.


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