Sunday, January 15, 2017

Yopping #29 - Startitis!

I did get two things finished this week, which is good because....well....I will fill you in further down in this post.

Turkish Bed Socks are done - very sweet pattern.

And my 2nd peace cowl is done and ready to be gifted.

The Scottish Hap is motoring along. I am currently on row 285 having completed charts D and E this past week. I discovered on Monday that KnitCompanion now has an Android version and once I loaded it onto my phone keeping my place in the charts is much easier.

At this rate I only have to knit 7 rows a day to be finished by the end of January.

Which is a good thing because....

On Friday and Saturday I decided I HAD to cast on ALL THE THINGS.

It started because I didn't have any sport weight yarn (or so I thought) to knit a pair of socks that are on my to-do list. I went to my knitting group (which is held in a yarn store) and found the perfect Sweet Georgie yarn. Unfortunately (or fortunately?) the computer was down and they couldn't tell me how much it cost, and even if they could I couldn't have bought it because...their computer was down.

So on Friday, I started to look through my stash, which I have meticulously added to Ravelry, and lo and behold I had enough dk yarn to make the socks. Bonus!

However, clearly looking through my stash and my queue and my to-do list from this challenge got me to thinking about whether I had yarn for other (now seemingly) very important things I wanted to knit.

I know what you are thinking, Dear Readers. You are thinking I am procrastinating on the Hap. But no, really I am not.

So I found the perfect yarn in my stash to knit the Cookie A socks I have been wanting to knit since buying her book on sale, oh let's say, two years ago.

I had spun some yarn last July and had ear-marked it for my favourite Cat Bordhi pattern, Tibetan socks, and, well, it didn't seem fair to not cast them on since I was casting on things that had come to mind much more recently.

Did it stop there?

No it did not.

I had already promised myself to always have a peace cowl on the needles this year - and the leftover Drops Alpaca was just lying there begging to be cast on.

Then for some reason, on Friday, I just HAD to start a doubleknit hat for myself. I had made a baby version three years ago and I still had the leftover yarn, and it was enough for an adult size so.....

These projects are in addition to the 'mindless' knitting I started early in the week - the Nurmilintu - with some Handspun I had been gifted years ago. I had made a sweater out of it, and I had two balls left, and well, the rest, as they say is history.

I called my sister to confess what I now was feeling was some sort of manic episode, but at the point I called her nothing was actually casted on, just earmarked with wool, and pattern and needle.

But then last night I decided to make sure everything was cast on before bed.

And I was going to do them all differently.

The Virrat Streams socks I had decided were going to be done on a nine inch circular. I have never tried this and so why not? Of course I didn't have the 9 inch circular and so this facilitated a trip to the yarn store. (Hey, I didn't buy the 28 dollar skein of Sweet Georgia, so a 13 dollar needle seemed practically free!)

The Cat Bordhi socks are being done on my Addi FlipStix dpns. I love these needles. They are very colourful, very light and one end has a lace point and the other a more rounded point.

The Cookie A socks I am knitting TAAT using magic loop.

So that's it for my week.

Two finished objects and seven on the needles.


To be fair four of them are on my Year of Projects to-do list.

Also I am involved in a stash-down competition this year to de-stash 6000 gms (3000 of which I promised would be fingering weight or finer).

So that is my week.

Everything cast on and ready to go:

Am I mad?

Maybe a little.

But hey, the Lemony Snicket Netflix series is fantastic. My back is sore and sitting on the heating pad and knitting is relatively pain free. (Unlike any of my other favourite activities).

As soon as I post this I will do eight rows of my Hap and then?

Then it is anybody's guess.


  1. LOL, you really went to town with staritis. Great finishes you made this week.

  2. OMG I can't keep up. Good thing I'm not trying to. I need to decide on a baby project and get started. One thing at a time works best for me lol Hope the back is easier.

  3. head is spinning lol. You certainly were busy starting all those projects. I'm gonna enjoy watching you complete them.

  4. Oooh... your finished and nearly finished projects all look so nice! I love the bed socks and your peace cowl is beautiful. And your Scottish Hap - gorgeous. Can't wait to see all your recently started things grow!

  5. I feel so much better now! LOL! I think it's a combo of the weather and the new year and with you certainly your back....who can blame you? Not I! You go girl! Someday I hope to get back to my peace cowl as I was really enjoying it!

  6. Wow, I don't know how you keep up with all of it!! :-)

  7. That's a lot of starts! I'd never be able to keep track of it all! We just started watching Lemony Snicket last night. Neil Patrick Harris is fantastic as Count Olaf, and I just love the narrator. Fun!

  8. Not mad, just a selection of available projects whatever mood takes you. I love the peace cowl, the slippers look lovely and comfy and the double knit hat looks great.

  9. Are you mad? Nah! Seven is a great number. You will always have something to do and you will never get bored.


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