Sunday, February 17, 2019

Yopping Update #33 - Hearts and Diamonds

This week I did get all my blocking done and ends sewn in on three shawls.  Some people will call this progress, but really it is procrastinating because I had so much teaching prep to do this week. 

Classes start tomorrow - and I think I am ready, but thanks to the procrastination tendency I have sorted letters and pictures, cards and photo albums.  Lol.  Marie Kondo would be proud.  Three boxes and one giant bag went to goodwill yesterday! Not to mention the two giant yellow bags that were full of paper recycling!

I did do a lot of prep this week, but in the evenings I spent time on the Hearts and Diamonds KAL from my Simply Knitting Magazine.  I started square number 7 last night, and after square 8 I am caught up until the next magazine arrives.  I am stash busting for this project so the colours and textures of yarn will be somewhat eclectic. 

On Friday my dh and I  drove up to see our honourary grand-daughter's grade three play.  It was so special.

 I gave her some sparkly knitting needles that came in a recent Simply Knitting Magazine and she has been texting me updates on her knitting progress. 

My daughter sent a picture of my grand-daughter in her car seat with the little stuffies we knit.

Okay, okay - I HAVE to finish prepping - classes start at 11:30 tomorrow.  We had a couple of snowy days this past week, so I will leave you with these pics.  Today is very sunny but I hear more snow is on the way. 

 Otis is less than impressed.  He keeps going in and out and looking for the door into summer.

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  1. Your granddaughter looks so alert and happy! You have the same amount of snow we have in Duncan!! I’m done with winter, but apparently, winter is not done with us, 😮 cheers,

  2. I hope you got the prep done in time. Your granddaughter is so cute.

  3. Well done on your 3 finished shawls. I like the colours and patterns of your squares, especially the heart with the cable through it, lovely. Ooh I am so jealous of your snow, we had so little this year and it’s already warmer than average here (Spring like). I love seeing snowy pictures.

  4. Oh, how sweet your granddaughter is. Love the picture! And what beautiful squares in the Hearts and Diamonds CAL. Can't wait to see that come together. And good for you on finishing three shawls. The top one is just amazing. The bountiful cables are beautiful! Wowee!

  5. Hope the classes go well Mary-Anne and that you got all the prep done. How cute and gorgeous is your grand-daughter and how she's grown! Love the updates of the knitting and she's doing so well also at it!

  6. Well even if you were procrastinating you were still making progress, not necessarily with the main task, but progress all the same. You no longer have the future burden of the jobs that got done! Yay!

    Grade 3 is a lovely age. You must be pleased that your granddaughter is excited about knitting. Good job!

  7. Your granddaughter is getting so big already! What a sweet little face she has.


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