Tuesday, February 7, 2023

Yop Update Week 32 - Knitting with Handspun

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I have two projects on the go using my very own handspun.  A Cowichan-style vest, and a toque.  I love how the vest is coming along.  Here is my progress so far - the back is done!

And my toque is on the blocking mat:

Both of these projects are with my handspun and that was one of my goals for myYear of Projects!

I have two pairs of socks on the needles, but no more progress to show and I also have started my Night Owl Mitts, but they are lanquishing in my wip (works in progress) basket and I have been actively ignoring them for the time being. 

I have been swimming twice in the ocean since getting home.  The ocean temperature is a brisk 6C.  Suffice to say I only stayed in 6 minutes each time.  

I also renewed my membership to the indoor pool and have been four times already - it is good to swim some distance in warmish water!

I took an Introduction to WaterColour Journalling last Saturday and it has been taking up much of my time since then. I am enjoying the step by step approach.  Here is an exercise which was to map my paint box:

Part of the course was to commit to making a watercolour gratitude journal and to create a small sketch for each day.  I decided to make a 'gratitude in a jar' journal.  I cut out 30 circles that when finished fit inside a wide mouth mason jar. 

Short update this week.  Perhaps I will be chattier next Sunday.  I will leave you with a picture of my Passerine hat on my head!  I have been wearing it quite a bit this cold rainy days.

 Oh yes, one more update.

Otis was busted for inappropriate mischief the other morning:


  1. Liz here, well your hat looks great. Well done for knitting a garment with your handspun. I’ve not braved that yet, just done shawls, cowls and hats…things that don’t need to fit and be flattering. What a shock 6° must be after the warmer waters of Croatia you enjoyed for months.

  2. Your vest and hat are gorgeous. Love the designs on each of them. I can not imagine swimming in that cold water. Brrrr. Guess Otis wanted some attention lol. Bad, bad kitty.

  3. Your hat looks like it will keep you nice and warm. I think indoor swimming is a much better idea this time of year.

  4. How wonderful to be meeting your goals already! What a great hat and vest combination. Your watercolors are so beautiful. What an adorable idea to make a graditude jar. I hope you continue to share them. Congratulations on being such a good swimmer and excerciser.

  5. Hello Mary-Anne, Aine here - I came across a comment of yours, here on my computer (from my blog ages ago) anyway so I thought I would look you up. It is so lovely to discover someone who continues to blog. I think blogs are the best thing ever. So many other things on the internet are very "bitty" and kind of all over the place. There is a sense of concentration and just well it's kind-of a thing of 'quality'. Having said that - I myself, have not written in my own main blog printmakingart.blogspot for absolutely ages. It's nice to feel someone is actually reading ones blog. I am so impressed with all of your projects and activities swimming in freezing cold water. (well that's how it would feel to me) week!! Then your lovely watercolours and that yarn spinning etc. ....wow. !! Oh and finally your dear feline friend OTIS - he looks so lovely.......my little one I lost recently (a few days before Christmas) he was only 8 months old......a bit too 'adventurous' going all over the neighbourhood. Of course our home is quite 'empty' without his spirit. I don't think I can follow this blog of yours sadly because they (google) ceased to provide that service a few years ago now. Maybe you could leave me a message on my blog - it will notify me and then I will know, you have published a new entry.

    1. https://www.bloglovin.com/blogs/breathing-life-12148161

    2. you can follow my blog via blog lovin'

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  7. I love the vest and toque, both gorgeous. We are hoping to get in the sea tomorrow- I think 6 minutes will be good going!


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