Tuesday, January 24, 2023

Yop Update #30 - We have our suitcases!


First announcement - My husband finally got his suitcase (missing for two weeks) so hurray for that.  

Second announcement - After 25 hours of travel I safely returned home last Tuesday night and miracle of miracles my suitcase arrived with me!

The rest of the week has been recovering from jetlag.  I think I am almost turned around and starting to feel somewhat rested. 

Because I was so worried about lost luggage my carry-on was almost all knitted things - 27 gnomes, my Spice Market shawl and my Birdsong sweater.  I was wearing my favourite handknit socks and of course my Dragon gansey.  Suffice to say I was never cold on any on the three flights!  

I took a picture of all the things I had knit while away:

9 gnomes, Birdsong, 24 blanket squares,9 1/2 socks
And a partridge in a pear tree!

I arrived home to a number of parcels that had been delivered in my absence.  It was like Christmas!  A wool order from KnitPicks (including a yarn spindle), some long dpns from Etsy, two mini skeins and a yarn gauge I won during the Year of Gnomes, some fleece lined leggings, a new top and a blanket I had ordered (to keep me warm after my swims), and a present from my sister of a large flannel shirt to also wear after swimming and that is big enough I can put it over my head and change under it so I don't flash the whole beach after my swims!

Yarn cake holder - it spins!

There was mountains of mail to go through, and of course unpacking and three loads of laundry.  Chores I was happy to do because it meant I was home!
My dear husband met me at the airport with a Rainbow Roll from my favourite sushi restaurant since Air Canada doesn't feed you on the five hour flight, and I hadn't had sushi for almost four month!  Shocking I know!!

In between sleeping and waking cycles I managed to block both my Birdsong and the 24 gansey blanket squares:

On the knitting front I have been working on finishing another sock - Caffe Mocha - I am down to the toe,

 picking up my son's gansey (I have done the shoulder straps and I am now on the first sleeve), 

and I started the Passerine toque to go with my Birdsong sweater. 

Tomorrow I am going for my CoVid booster and flu shot.  I have a To-Do list literally a mile long of things to do and people to contact now I am home, but I can't seem to do more that one thing on it per day. 
(Okay it isn't a mile long - but there are 29 line items and it takes a whole page of my bullet journal.) 

I haven't got back to the ocean yet, but I did get out for a nice forest walk a couple of days ago.  It has been cold and rainy here but I found a window without rain to go check out my local duck pond and re-acquaint myself with the beautiful trees in the woodland trail.  (Note to self - wear a toque and gloves next time - it is not like you don't have a LOT of them).

Speaking of a lot of knitted things - I think I have to stop knitting socks!  Either that or join some Sock Knitters Anonymous group.  (I mean a real SKA 12 step group because the SKA group on Ravelry just encourages you to knit more socks!) I have a drawer full of hand knit socks and it is overflowing with at least fifty pairs.  Many of them I have never worn as I tend to have a few favourites and I just keep recycling through them.  I am thinking maybe I should get a table at a spring craft market and sell some of them but it is like asking me to sell my children - I am so attached to them all! Stay tuned - calmer heads may prevail. 

So that is all for this week.  I am two days late with this post already, and I am blaming jetlag.  I think my etheric body is somewhere over central Canada at this moment.  I am hoping for it to catch up with me very very soon. 

I've been living under my new sloth blanket as I sloth-out on the couch!

Oooo.  I forgot I have a pair of socks I can show you because they aren't part of my test knits. These were such a fun knit, and great for using up leftover sock yarn.  I do love mosaic knitting!


Dear Readers, I hope you are fairing well through this winter.  And take heart, my daffodils are peeking up out of the soil.  Spring is coming!


  1. Welcome home. I wish I could knit socks! I’m in a group called Australians Knitting for War Affected Kids who annually send a shipping container full of hand made woollens and toys to Syrian refugee camps. Mittens I have managed, but not socks. You are so clever.
    Wendy of The Rock

  2. WOW. Hope you are loving being home in Canada again even if it means being away from your daughter and granddaughter. Your Birdsong is still so amazing to me. Bet you get lots of compliments. I hear you on socks. Fortunately I have a few folks I can gift them to. Mine seem to last too so they don't really need many replacements. Sounds like you are enjoying settling back into your routines.

  3. Glad to hear your suitcases are safe at home. :) And you too! That is a wonderful collection of knitted items you worked on while away. I'd love to see a photo of all your socks! :D

  4. Liz here, just spotted your post from earlier in the week. I’m glad you (and your cases) made it back safely. You had a productive time whilst away and sounds like you’ll be busy catching up on things the next few weeks. Those socks are fabulous. I actually think it’s good that you just keep wearing the same socks out of your big stash because when they wear out you can bring some new ones into your rotation, otherwise you wear all of them all the time they may all wear out the same time. I’ve hidden half of my husband’s bought socks for this very reason. When the ones in the drawer get holes I’ll unhide his back up pairs.


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