Sunday, May 22, 2011

and then there was light.

It has been 10 days since my cataract surgery. My goodness the world is bright. The lights in my classroom and living room feel like 300 watts. So, I would say that is success. Healing is taking time, and I am trying not to fret that it will all be fine. I see the surgeon on Tuesday for a check-in, check-up, and to book the next eye. It is crazy what modern medical science is capable of.

Also this past Friday I received the final documents about my Aunt's estate. She passed away three years ago this June 20th, and it is now done. I plan to visit her grave site soon to thank her for everything. It wasn't easy caring for her over all the years of her struggle with Alzheimer's and the past three years in wrapping up her business, but I don't regret any of it. I don't want to take back a minute of the care and worry, because it was supported with her limitless love for me.

So light is the word. And Spring is desperately trying to stay with us, and the light and warmth is very healing. I am struggling a bit with the medication I am on since the surgery. The eye drops are wreaking havoc with my stomach, and the cortisone drops are causing some serious 'fight or flight' reaction.....which I am trying to deal with by sleeping alot, although sleep is not coming easy.

Just keep breathing. There is always a reason to just keep breathing. Or, as my friend would say, just keep swimming!

I feel like I have a marathon ahead of me: marking, prep, camping trip, hike up the chief, rafting trip, organize a school 'fun' day, and report cards. And yet, I remember every day that I have it easy.

I know where my children are, and that they are safe. I know that I am loved. I know that I am healthy. I know that I am not dealing with any number of natural disasters: no floods, no hurricanes, no earthquakes, no tsunamis. I am lucky. I know that I am lucky.

So, without complaint, I will head off to fold laundry, mark main lesson books, make supper, and enjoy my guilty pleasure of 'celebrity apprentice' tonight.

Because after all, today there is light, in the literal and metaphorical sense. There is light, and it is good!

Thanks to God, in whatever form he/she has taken.

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