Monday, May 9, 2011

First day back.....

I think they missed me. I didn't realize until I was there, back in the saddle, but I missed them too. There were only 11 there, due to illness (3) and a soccer tournament (4), but there was a sweet shyness and reconnecting with each other none-the-less.

I spent the day marking and finding things, and re-acquainting myself with all and sundry. It was a good day.

But, I am tired. I think the jet lag has caught up with me because it feels like bedtime at 7pm.

My surgery is Thursday - cataract surgery, new multi-focal lens will be inserted. I am nervous but so looking forward to being able to see! It has been a difficult 6 months sight-wise, and I am optimistic. My brother tells me that optimism is everything (well, that, and vitamin A, vitamin C and chlorophyll). He is taking care of my immune system and my mental state. I love him for that.

I was welcomed very sweetly by all my colleagues. It seems I was missed. That makes me feel good too.

I feel calm today, and will try not to re-enter the craziness of school politics too soon. I really just want to teach, and be with my class. I do love them fiercely. Even the 'imps'. I have no doubt they will grow up to be quite stellar in their lives. I look forward to witnessing that too.

So, you see, not much is happening. I am knitting a new purse, but with different colours that I am creating as I go. I am reading alot of fiction on my new KOBO ereader. I am watching hockey, and I am bragging about my kids. I am sure I am insufferable to be around these days. So proud. So proud.

So, two more days of teaching before my surgery....keep me in your thoughts....I hope to 'see' you all soon!

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