Saturday, May 14, 2011

to see, perchance to dream...

Day two after my cataract surgery. The surgery itself was very 2001: A space odyssey. Lots of coloured, swirly lights - kind of like the slide shows behind those bands in the 60s...

For the win, when I woke up on Friday morning I could see the bedside clock without putting on my glasses!

It is disorienting having one eye 'fixed' and the other still needing a very strong perscription, but using a contact in the left eye helps alot....although I haven't worn contacts for a long time so I am having to go slow with that.

I also had to buy some reading glasses, so I have a mixture of optical devices on the go at the moment. My post op check up was very good, and the distance in my new bionic eye is wonderful! My next check up is May 24th, and then I can book the 2nd surgery - can't wait....

I am tired though - really tired, so I think even though the surgery was only 10 minutes it takes alot out of you. And by you, I mean me!

I am supposed to be prepping for my last block of this grade seven year, but all I want to do is sleep.....maybe that is the effect of the Atavan. It didn't seem to do much on the surgery front, although I did see the floor outside of the OR start to move like it was a giant you decide.

This new eye will take some getting used to. Today I thought Brian was driving up too close to all the cars in traffic. Everything looks so much bigger. My near sightedness correction has been so severe for so many years that everything looked smaller than in real life. So now everything looks bigger. Our tv looks way bigger, and so do images on the tv. And man, have I every developed more wrinkles since the surgery!

Ok, so that's it. I am recovering well, and looking forward to eye two so that I am more balanced. (Like that's gonna help).

My brother says that with only one contact lens in place I might resemble Mrs. Peanut. I like that....I am off to find a glass topped cane!

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