Thursday, February 23, 2012

pins and needles

I have been going for acupuncture. It has been suggested to me for a couple of years by a good friend, but I was too chicken. I mean, really? Won't that hurt?

But, having 2 migraines a week will make one take desperate measures. So, off I went.

I have had four treatments so far. It is actually quite relaxing. Sometimes, certain needles cause me to twitch when they first go in, or are adjusted, but then I lie in a quiet room, listening to soft music, and just, well, relax. It is funny to say the word 'relax' because the practitioner keeps telling me to relax, and I know I am holding lots of tension in my body as I lie there, but still and all I do feel relaxed.

I always have the greatest naps after my sessions. Deep sleeps. And the night immediately after a treatment I sleep right through. No waking up for anything. That is an odd occurence for me.

They have also given me these awful, awful tasting herbs to take twice a day. I mean, these are disgusting. I have to hold my nose to drink them, and will them to stay down. They tell me many of their clients can't actually take them. But, I do. I am stubborn that way.

So, four acupunture sessions, five days of awful tasting chinese herbs, and......I haven't had a migraine in 9 days. 9 Days! That is something.

I also feel like I have more energy, my mood is lighter, the restless legs not as bad.

So, progress, no? I think so.

As I have said before I am not a 'watch and wait' kind of girl. My naturapath is out of town until the middle of March, and my appointments with two specialists are also March and April. That doesn't seem so far away now, but last December it felt like eons.

So, matters into my own hands - acupuncture.

And knitting. I have organized all my needles and patterns and wool, and I have lots of ideas for projects. There are two babies coming into my life - so projects need to be started, and I made a new year's resolution to make everyone's Christmas gifts for next December. So far I have made a birthday present for someone, and a pair of socks for me out of wool my son gave me for Christmas. I have started the next present - and I have lots of ideas. Lots.

Good thing too, because retirement is just a few months away.

So you see, that is where I am right now. On needles and pins. Or, more accurately the needles and pins are on me.

Nine days. It is a miracle.

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  1. Congrats on the nine days! My acupuncturist did amazing things for my back and stomach. I haven't needed to go for almost a year now! The teas were absolutely disgusting. Some were too strong for my stomach to handle so I was put on tablets instead.
    Nine days! Woo hoo! Retirement....woo hoo!!!!


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