Saturday, February 4, 2012

When did that happen?

My personal email address used to contain, well, personal emails. To me, and sometimes to my husband. Yes, we share an email address. It doesn't work for everyone, but it works for us. So it would contain emails from our children, my sister, my cousins, friends - you get the drift.

However, lately I notice that most of my emails are advertisements. How did this happen? An airline, a yoga studio, my hair studio, my electronic book sponsor, shops where I buy clothes occasionally - well you get the drift.

And I always feel - when I want to fly somewhere, get my hair cut, come to a class, buy a book, or purchase some new pants I'll let you know. Really, I know where you all are and I will let you know. I don't need you to tell me about the sale, or the book you think I should read. I never shop because there is a sale, and I never buy the book you think I want. Ok? Ok, so after I finish this blog I am going to reply to all these emails and have them take me off their lists. I throw away all 'junk' mail that comes through my snail mail slot, and I delete all 'junk' that comes into my inbox. I vow to stop giving stores, businesses my email address. If I want you I'll call you. Promise.

It is all part of the 'noise' of today's world. Maybe it is this 'noise' that is causing my migraines. I have found a television stations that shows movies commercial free. Ahhh. The relief is staggering.

I am cancelling the newspaper. It is full of advertisements, articles that are really advertisements and alot of bad/scary/disturbing news. I am sure if something profound is going on in the world someone will let me know.

I already only listen to commercial free radio (thanks to CBC), and the radio show I love on another commercial station I just download the podcast - commercial free.

I avoid big stores because of the 'noise' of their sale signs. Really, just because something is 50% off doesn't mean that I save money when I buy it. I save money when I don't buy it. Pretty simple math.

Ok, so now I am ranting. When really I just want the noise to stop. The noise inside my head, the 'noise' that comes into my eyes.

And, while I am on the subject (what subject?) I want people to be nicer to each other. I want people to cut each other some slack. I want people to stop criticizing every little thing. Maybe if we start there. Maybe if I start there, then my sister's wish for world 'peas' will be just that one step closer.

As Gandhi said "An eye for an eye ends up making the whole world blind".

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