Monday, February 27, 2012


Snow. It is just so peaceful. It is clean. It makes the world quiet. It makes the world more beautiful. It is magical, this frozen water falling from the sky.

We went camping last week. Usually we head to the ocean. On Thursday we headed for the mountains. It is always so amazing to me that you can drive up the 99 and there is little, or no, snow on the road, and then you turn off the highway, and drive a few kilometers, and you are in a fairy land. Snow on the trees, snow on the ground, snow on the mountains all around.

The fire was going, the chili was bubbling on the coleman stove, the stars were overhead. It was pure, and perfect.

Then waking up in the morning to 20 cm of snow on the ground, on our camper steps, and still falling from the sky. Big, fat, fluffy flakes. Two hours later another 20 cm, and by the time we left the snow was up to my knees.

We could have stayed all day, but the owners of the campground were nervous. The snow was predicted to go on all day. So reluctantly, and with some trepidation we headed down the barely plowed road that twisted and turned towards the highway.

We were home by 7pm. We had been gone little more that 24 hours, but it felt like three days. I was happy. I felt rested. I felt brave and accomplished. Just because of the snow.

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