Tuesday, December 31, 2013

New Year's Eve

Well the freezer is defrosted, the garbage is gone, the recycling done, and tonight I will put out clean dish towels to ready the kitchen for the new year. These are things my mother taught me to do on the eve of the new year.

I always do these things on December 31, and I always think of her on this day. This year more than ever perhaps because I was gifted a ring this year that had once belonged to her. It is a lovely vintage wedgewood ring with an image of the goddess Diana and the stag. I don't know the story behind this ring - where she got it, or what the significance is, but now it is mine and I wear it with gratitude.

I have often written that I have my mother's hands. This Christmas my daughter wrote me that she feels she has my hands, and so the generations flow. One day this ring will be hers, and who know if there will one day be a daughter for her to hand it on to.

This ring, for me, now, in 2013, represents family, and support. Love and friendship. Faith and Hope.

Diana was the goddess of the hunt. This is her Roman name. Her Greek name was Artemis. She was the twin of Apollo, and loved Orion. She is the goddess of the hunt, childbirth, virginity and the protector of animals and young women. Her father was Zeus, her mother Leda (or Leto)....and that story is not a happy one.

The stag is involved in many myths - one involves the twelve tasks of Hercules.

So I could analyze for hours why this image was on this ring of my mother's, but to me, Artemis is a strong woman, protector of animals and patron goddess to those in childbirth.

It is also said she brings and heals diseases that come to women. That is an interesting paradox.

Orion has always been my favourite constellation. He guides me through the winter skies. And I do so love walking in the forest and hoping to come upon a deer, or stag. Sometimes they come to me - right in my own front lawn.

So it is New Year's Eve. 2013 has not been easy in many ways, but there have been many highlights and stellar moments as well. So it is with every year. So it will be with 2014.

I am looking forward.

That is a good reason to put out clean tea towels just before midnight.

And to sing Auld Lang Syne as the New Year arrives.

And, wherever you are, Mum, this one's for you.

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